· April, 2009

Stories about Religion from April, 2009

Israel: Can Yoga and Judaism Coexist?

There are potential problems for Jews who want to study yoga, but even its Buddhist teachings and Hindu chants can be justified as humanistic values and modified accordingly. “Hey, whatever floats your boat,” Israelity jests. “We’ve heard of kosher cell phones and kosher sex, so kosher yoga? Why not.”

Pakistan: Job Opening At Taliban

  16 April 2009

Beenish Khan at Kaleidoscope posts a hypothetical job advertisement for recruitment of Taliban members which concludes with: “Come and join us, because we just don't give you a job, we give you a career and a confirmed ticket to heaven.”

Israel: West Bank Mosque Contains Weapons Lab

Lirun of East Med Sea Peace reflects on the fact that a mosque based in the West Bank was recently found to harbor a weapons lab: “i think these sorts of things have contributed to the devaluation of muslim holy place sanctity in the eyes of the average israeli.. and...

Dominican Republic, Haiti: Gagá

  14 April 2009

“Easter Sunday marked the end of the Gagá celebrations in the Dominican Republic”: Repeating Islands experiences the Dominican version of Haitian Rará.

Pakistan: The Root Cause Of The Problems

  13 April 2009

Bilal Qureshi at Pak Tea House opines that denial is the root cause of the problems in Pakistan and comments: “Unless Pakistanis agree that Taliban are not the answer to any problem, nothing will change. Otherwise, Pakistanis will continue to see suicide bombing across the country.”

Caribbean: Easter Traditions

  13 April 2009

Bloggers from Trinidad and Tobago, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti and even from the diaspora discuss Caribbean Easter traditions.

Bangladesh: Celebrating Easter

  13 April 2009

David Adhikary writes about Easter celebrations in Bangladesh: “Easter is considered as the second major festival for the Christians, after Christmas. The non-Christian people have very limited ideas about Easter.”

Bahrain: Authorities Censor Just Bahraini

Just Bahraini has been blocked by the authorities in Bahrain. “I don’t know what the rationale used at our respected Ministry of Information to block this particular site, a site which I created in order to find common ground between all Bahrainis regardless of confessionalism or religious belonging,” writes Mahmood...

Sri Lanka: New Year Celebrations

  10 April 2009

Cerno describes about the upcoming new year celebrations in Sri Lanka: “It is a tricky holiday to explain to non Sri Lankan friends abroad. The short version is it to cut through all the astrology induced rituals such as chicken kicking and describe it as a family network revitalization event.”

Jamaica: Matters of Spirit

  9 April 2009

Is hers a religious blog? Jamaican diaspora blogger Pamela Mordecai explores the differences between religion and spirituality.

Jerusalem: Palm Sunday Procession

Intern in Israel describes attending the Palm Sunday procession in Jerusalem: “My husband and I participated in the procession from Bethphage to St. Anne’s Church just inside the city gates on Palm Sunday. It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a Palm Sunday… But it was truly sobering...

Jamaica: Learning from Adveristy

  8 April 2009

“Adversity and being a writer, especially one from the Caribbean, are synonymous”: Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp shares what he has learned.

Iran: Jailed cleric was released

Khbarnegar Mosalman, an Iran based blogger and journalist, informs[fa] us that Iranian Leader,Ayatollah Khamenei, ordered an Iranian cleric named Ali Reza Jahanshahi to be released from prison. The blogger is surprised that Iranian media does not talk about this issue.

Pakistan: Fanaticism on Radio

  6 April 2009

Amardeep at Sepia Mutiny reports: “In some regions of Pakistan, including the Swat Valley and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), militant Islamists have been particularly effective in spreading their message via FM radio.”