· November, 2008

Stories about Religion from November, 2008

US: Mosque and Synagogue Twinning Week

  24 November 2008

Richard Silverstein, a Jewish blogger in the US, writes about how 40 mosques and synagogues in the US conducted a joint programme on Islamophobia and anti-Semitism this weekend. “The goal of this national project sponsored by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding is to combat ethnic tension between Muslims and Jews,”...

Israel: Straw and Mud Mosque to be Demolished

  24 November 2008

International and local activists spent the night waiting for demolition crew to come and destroy a new straw and mud mosque built in an unrecognised village of Wadi el-Naam, Israel. One blogger gives us a detailed account of what happened on the eventful night while another wonders what the reaction would be had it been a synagogue that was being threatened.

Humanitarian crisis in south Philippines

  22 November 2008

The fighting between government troops and Muslim separatist rebels in the last three months has not stopped. More than 610,000 people have been displaced already. The situation of refugees is deteriorating. Children are among those who are suffering the most.

Trinidad & Tobago: Godliness?

  21 November 2008

This Beach Called Life suggests that the members of Trinidad and Tobago's government are “Gods of The Good Times”: “The bad and hard times fall squarely on the lap of the real God and the opposition.”

Religious unity: The Charter for Compassion

  21 November 2008

As children we may all have heard the Golden Rule expressed in many different ways, but the basic idea is: Treat others as you would like to be treated. This is Karen Armstrong's TED wish, to create The Charter for Compassion, a platform in which the different Abrahamic faiths could focus on what was common to all, the moral backbone of all their faiths towards a greater unity and better communication among people of different faiths.

Bangladesh: Hajj pilgrims vote issue

  20 November 2008

Ghore Baire critically analyzes the point one major political party of Bangladesh raised that Hajj pilgrims will not being able to vote if the elections are held on December 18.

Egypt: King Abdullah's Glass of Wine

  20 November 2008

A rumor has been spreading in the blogosphere, accompanied with a photograph of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia showing him seated beside US President George W Bush while holding a glass of wine in his hand. And as you all know, alcohol is prohibited in Islam, and it is a sin to drink or even stay in a place where it is being served or available. Following are reactions from Egypt.

Iran: No Country for Old Trees

  19 November 2008

About one year ago Iranian authorities ordered security forces to rid the country of ‘western influences’ and ‘immodesty’. Fortunately they soon backed off again. But this time green bloggers in Iran and an Iranian daily newspaper, Etemaad, have reported on their new victims: old trees

Russia: The Crisis and the Hajj

  19 November 2008

Window on Eurasia writes: “For the first time since the end of the Soviet Union, the number of Muslims from the Russian Federation making the pilgrimage to Mecca is set to fall significantly, the result of a financial crisis that has cut incomes, increased prices and reduced private and government...

Peru: Art Exhibit Depicting Saints Causes Controversy and Possible Censorship

  17 November 2008

A controversial art exhibit in Lima, Peru portrayed an alternative view of popular Catholic saints. Some were dressed in undergarments and others in modern-day situations. The artist wanted to show a more human side of the religious figures. However, days before the exhibit's conclusion the gallery was closed by the municipal causing cries of censorship.

India: Islam is not a nationhood

  17 November 2008

M. J. Akbar opines: “As Maulana Azad repeatedly emphasized…Islam is a brotherhood, not a ‘nationhood’. If Islam were sufficient to create a modern nation state, the Arabs would not be divided into 22 countries. They even have a language in common.”

India: Terror stalks Kolkata

  17 November 2008

Recently, Kolkata (or Calcutta, as it is still referred to by some) woke up one morning and its heart skipped a beat as it read the headlines of the day – Terror alert in Kolkata. Apparently, terror attacks can be carried out in the city, anytime between November 15-30th. Oh...

Jamaica: Schoolboy Murdered

  17 November 2008

A Jamaican schoolboy is sodomized and murdered, prompting Carlos King at Abeng News Magazine to write an open letter to the Prime Minister and Long Bench to address the issue of “the sexism and deep-seated and destructive hatred of homosexuality that pervades this society” with “people pandering to the notion...

Syria: No for Sunni/Shiaa Divisions, We're Muslims!

  15 November 2008

Feras [AR] comments on the so called “Shia-Sunni conflict” in the region. He says that this conflict is not only due to Zionists and Americans’ policies in the region, but also due to Arabs themselves. He asserts that it is Arabs who are enhancing such sectarian divisions. He ends his...