· October, 2008

Stories about Religion from October, 2008

Bangladesh: Sculptures, Bigots and Bloggers

  19 October 2008

A new controversy rattled Bangladesh last week. Authorities in Bangladesh were forced to remove five sculptures of Bauls (mystic folk singers) including Fakir Lalon Shah in front of the Zia International Airport in the face of protests from an Islamist group. They formed a sculpture prevention committee which pressed that...

Arabeyes: Mickey Mouse Must Die..or Maybe Not

  15 October 2008

Mickey Mouse must die, declared a Saudi cleric in a television interview. Or perhaps that is not exactly what he said. Regardless, the interview found its way to television screens and newspaper headlines around the world and bloggers are at loggerheads with the issue. Did the cleric literally mean that Mickey Mouse must die or was it just another ploy to sensationalise and poke fun of anything an Arab and a Muslim utters?

Bahamas, Haiti: Eyes of a Child

  15 October 2008

Doing Theology from the Caribbean republishes an essay written by a Haitian-Bahamian tenth grader who, after watching The Diary of Anne Frank, notices parallels between the Jews and Haitians.

Bahamas, U.S.A.: On Fundamentalism

  15 October 2008

“One of the problems with a fundamentalist mindset is that it takes a point of view and converts it into the ‘truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’. This is as true for religious fundamentalism as it is for market fundamentalism”: Simon at Bahama Pundit explains.

Pakistan: Understanding ‘Media Mujahideen’

  15 October 2008

Manzoor Chandio at Pak Tea House writes on the growing phenomenon of urban Talibanism and critiques some columnists and anchorpersons of English and Urdu newspapers and TV channels of Pakistan naming them as ‘Media Mujahideen’.

Japan: Making Monks

  15 October 2008

Japan-newbie introduces a new blog called making monks, which aims at creating an online sangha capable of supporting the growth and development of Buddhist monks.

Global: Babbling Doll Offensive to American Parents

  15 October 2008

If you think that the incomprehensible sounds babies make mean nothing, think again. Keeping up with the times, the blogopshere is abuzz over Fisher-Price’s Baby Cuddle and Coo doll, which allegedly proclaims: "Islam is the light." Parents in the US are outraged and some shops have even pulled the 'offensive' doll off the shelves.

Trinidad & Tobago: Down in the Valley

  14 October 2008

“The warnings are there, too many to ignore…people better start waking up. Better rebuild their community parlours and their sou sous and their gayaps. In the panic of markets and the trillions of debt and the excess of luxury, countries like Trinidad and Tobago…with so much for sale, will suffer...

India: Hindu is not a God

  13 October 2008

Pastor Arnold Conrad termed “Hindu” as a God at a rally for John McCain in Davenport, USA. Varnam reacts: “Our God, Hindu, is not interested in a sophomoric ‘mine is bigger than yours’ competition. Mostly it is because our God, Hindu, is not a God.”

Jamaica: Changing Attitudes?

  13 October 2008

As The Jamaica Gleaner runs an article on the changing attitudes towards homosexuality (along with an interesting choice of stock photography), My View of JamDown from Up So wonders “what/if any backlash there will be among readers regarding this picture of two women, especially considering this is published on a...

Nepal: Celebrating Dashain festival

  10 October 2008

Bibek Paudal discusses the controversy regarding whether the new Maoist Prime Minister observed Dashain festivities (15 days long national festival of Nepal) or not. He reminds: “Dashain is a Nepalese festival, not a Hindu festival. Calling Dashain anything other than a social-cultural festival is undermining the many unique Nepalese elements...