· November, 2007

Stories about Religion from November, 2007

Russia: Muslim Neighborhoods

  21 November 2007

According to Window on Eurasia, some Russian comedians are among those who have reacted to the news of the formation of a Muslim neighborhood in Moscow: “In a bow to the classic British film ‘Passport to Pimlico,’ comedians at a nightclub in Moscow now joke that ‘this morning Southern Butovo...

Uzbekistan: Islamism on the Rise

  20 November 2007

Joshua Foust opines that despite governmental crackdown on the religion-based political movements in the Ferghana Valley (which is shared by Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan), Islamism i- particularly Izb-ut-Tahrir semi-sect movement – still gaining market share. This situation requires a different approach of the Uzbek and Kyrgyz authorities in dealing with religious...

Jordan: Guantanamo Bay Sad Story

  18 November 2007

Following the release of two Jordanians from the high-security Guantanamo Bay prison, Jordanian blogger Hareega admits that he is weary of men with beards (extreme religious men). He also adds that Guantanamo Bay “is a very sad story.”

Bahrain: Kitting Out An Islamic Car

  17 November 2007

This week in Bahrain we have a thoughtful post about the nature of God, a story of a sex education class, visitors’ varying experiences of both Bahrain and Spain, and a complaint about public toilets. There is also an intriguing examination of the specifications an Islamic car should have…

Malaysia: Book Banned

  16 November 2007

Malaysian opposition politician Lim Kit Siang regrets Malaysian government's decision to ban a book by a progressive religious scholar from Indonesia. One of the commentator feels the ban is a good thing as now more people would be interested in reading it.

Azerbaijan: Terror Plot Reality Check

  14 November 2007

Asking Tough Questions in Tough Places is skeptical about the way last month's foiled attempt to stage terrorist attacks on government offices and diplomatic missions in Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was reported.

India: An interview with Wafa Sultan

  14 November 2007

Cuckoo's Call has the transcript of an interview with Arab-American psychologist, Wafa Sultan, shown on Al Jazeera TV, where she talks of being a secular human being and the idea of “clash of civilizations”.

Jamaica: Our Caribbean

  14 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp features Our Caribbean: “an anthology of lesbian and gay writing from across the Antilles”.

Afghanistan: Explosions of Violence

  13 November 2007

More than 40 people, including five Afghan lawmakers and a number of children, were murdered on Tuesday in one of the deadliest suicide attacks since the fall of the Taliban, said Afghan officials. Several bloggers share their regret and opinions on this topic. Sanjar says[Fa] that many people including five...

Russia: Moscow City and Its ‘Gastarbeiter’ (Photos)

  13 November 2007

Charles Ganske of Russia Blog goes up to the 35th floor of the Federation Tower and takes pictures of the Moscow City, “the largest construction project in Europe.” LJ user kunstkamera – journalist Yulia Vishnevetskaya – walks around the Moscow City down on the ground, photographing the people – Tajik...

Albania: Religions

  12 November 2007

Living in Shkoder, Albania writes about the country's three major religions: “Although there is no recent survey to show the statistics, it is believed that it is approximately 70% Islam, 20% Albanian Orthodox, and 10% Roman Catholic.”