· October, 2006

Stories about Religion from October, 2006

Lebanon: Political Uncertainty and Men

  31 October 2006

Many Lebanese blogs are reflecting the internal political bickering that is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future of the country. Most of the posts in this weeks review are bleak with little hope for the future. This is something that is very unusual for a people who take...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  28 October 2006

Bahrain's bloggers celebrated Eid this week, with many posting greetings on their sites or simply musing about the tradition. While Mahmood Al Yousif thinks that “Eid this time seems to be spread through the whole week, rather than a single day where the whole nation celebrates!”, Silly Bahraini Girl took...

India: Godesses drink wine

  28 October 2006

Mumbai Girl on Goddesses drinking wine, and custodians of religion. “Or is too much for their prudish, forever “insulted” minds to understand that their professed religion is actually far more liberated and unorthodox than they are? Not only does Durga drink wine, she drinks blood. As does Kaali. As does...

Pakistan: Beards, Islam and Cricket

  28 October 2006

A very interesting post and discussion at Pakistaniat discussing facial hair and cricket. “Given all the discussion about cricket and Islam (here), sooner or later we will come to beards and cricket and whether beards of a certain length or style are ‘religiously intimidating’ for some (related story here).”

Voices from South Asia

  26 October 2006

Bangladesh: - What does Bangladesh need now for a better future? Angelmorn has a ten point prescription. - Rifat of Close your eyes and try to see is critic about the noise pollution in Bangladesh, especially using the loudspeakers. - Shafiur of imperfect world | 2006 informs that many of...

Iran: The end of Ramadan

  25 October 2006

Angus McDowall is a correspondent for Middle East Economic Digest and reporter for The Independent in Iran and he is blogging. About the end of Ramadan he says for a journalist, it can be a good time of year to check the social temperature. Some years the police hassle people...

Nepal: Diwali, calendars and rituals

  25 October 2006

Feringhee on being in Nepal during Diwali celebrations. “I love the tradition of jamara, which is (as far as I know) unique to Nepal. On the first day of Dasain, the lady of the house plants seeds of barley, rice or corn, in a bed of sand, in a special...

Pakistan: When do we celebrate Eid?

  24 October 2006

The world over there seems to be some element of difference in opinion on when Eid should be celebrated. All Things Pakistan speaks on the issue “Some of our readers suggest this is yet another sign of a society divided and forever seeking new ways to become even more divided....

Arabisc: Secret Meetings and Eid Greetings

  24 October 2006

It's Eid in the Arab world and Arab bloggers are celebrating the end of the Holy Month of Ramadhan with a riot of activity on their blogs. From Libya, Lona and A.Adam, writing in Flying Birds, wish us all a Happy Eid by posting a picture. The same sentiments are...

Lebanon: Communities and Contradictions

  24 October 2006

The Lebanese blogosphere is growing like crazy. This means that the following summary is not all inclusive. And in the attempt to cover as many new blogs or newly discovered blogs as possible, other interesting posts and/or blogs are missed. But you can always find links to worthy blogs in...

Peru: El Señor de los Milagros

  23 October 2006

Klephblog explains the importance and history of Peru's El Señor de los Milagros: “There is, perhaps, nothing more Peruvian than The Lord of Miracles. For almost the whole month of October is devoted to this unique religious icon and it is venerated by Peruvians across the globe.”

Pakistan: Podcast on festivals, earthquake and Politics

  23 October 2006

iFaqeer has a podcast. “This program congratulates celebrants on Ramzan, Eid and Diwali, with some thoughts on the spirit of the season; discusses the first anniversary of the earthquake in South Asia and the role of the blogosphere in helping remember those in need; and throws out some political thoughts...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  22 October 2006

It has been yet another busy week on the Bahraini blogsophere, with some bloggers rallying behind an anti-sectarianism campaign, Just Bahraini; others just back home from a long holiday; and one celebrating his/her (?) birthday! In local politics, Mahmood Al Yousif is keeping us abreast with all that's happening on...

South Africa: African-American muslim in South Africa

  21 October 2006

Kameelah writes about her experience as an African-American muslim in South Africa: “today i took a metered taxi to pritchard street to meet with some folks at the public affiars section of the johannesburg american consulate as a part of being a fulbrighter. i was telling them about my experiences...

India: Podcast on Diwali

  21 October 2006

Kamla Bhatt has a wonderful podcast with Indian diaspora from around the world on how Diwali is celebrated by those outside the country.

Bangladesh: On fasting

  21 October 2006

Morris the Pen on fasting, Ramadan and fastlets. “Our speaker talks of how he looked forward to this as a child (the ‘Iftar’ or breaking-the-fast evening celebration is a time of joyous togetherness and seems like a ‘month of parties’). However, as an entrepreneur in middle age, he found it...