· August, 2010

Stories about Refugees from August, 2010

Lebanon: Giving Palestinian Refugees the Right to Work

Lebanon is home to over 400,000 Palestinian refugees, who are not allowed to own property, cannot access the health care system, and need a special permit to leave their refugee camps. On August 17, the Lebanese parliament passed a law granting Palestinian refugees the same employment rights as other foreigners. Bloggers and tweeps react to this development.

China and North Korea: Jet Crash

  20 August 2010

Adam Cathcart from Sinologistical Violoncellist looks into the strange jet crash incident in Liaoning province. Some Chinese netizens commented that the incident is the the North Korean version of Lin Biao.

North Korea: A North Korean Jet Fighter Crashed

  19 August 2010

North Korea has confirmed today that a North Korean jet fighter crashed in Liaoning Province, China Tuesday. South Korean experts assume that the pilot sought to defect the North with his airplane South Korea’s Donga reported.

Jamaica: Refugee Status

  12 August 2010

The Caribbean Camera reports on the case of “a gay man from Jamaica [who] has been granted refugee status in Canada on the basis of discrimination against him.”

Nepal, Bhutan: Different Perspectives On Refugee Issue

  3 August 2010

Pelden Drukpa at The Story of Bhutanese Refugees blog highlights the perspectives of Bhutan and Nepal on the Bhutanese refugees issue and comments: “until these fundamental differences in the perspectives are not settled, the refugee issue may be difficult to solve.”