· May, 2008

Stories about Refugees from May, 2008

South Africa: Bloggers need to do more than just write

  31 May 2008

A few South African bloggers are thinking about positive steps to take with regard to the current xenophobia crisis in South Africa. Stii asks, “What can we as bloggers do about the Xenophobia crisis?” and Mike Stopforth calls on South African bloggers to do something. Meanwhile, Afrigator has launched a special Xenophobia Crisis Page.

South Africa: Who is to blame for xenophobia?

  27 May 2008

David blames the South African government for the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa: “No one hates foreigners like South Africans do. South Africa is said to be officially the most xenophobic nation in the world. So much for being xenophobic and all that but why go to the criminal...

Palestine: Mass Exodus from Gaza?

“50,000 Arabs have left Gaza since last June,” writes Carl in Jerusalem. “In April, I reported that some 80% of Gaza residents want to leave, but this is the first time that the ‘Palestinian Authority’ admits it.” Bethlehem Conference organizer Hassan Abu Libdeh commented: “There is a Palestinian brain drain...

YouTube starts citizen journalism channel

  22 May 2008

Giving citizen journalism videos more airtime has just gotten easier: YouTube video uploading website has opened a new channel exclusively for citizen videos named CitizenNews. Vloggers who specialize in reporting what is going on where they live can now subscribe to the channel and let the world know what is going on.

South Africa: Bloggers, let's do something

  21 May 2008

Mike calls on South African bloggers to do something about the violent attacks against foreigners: “It’s on that note that I’d like to encourage you, my fellow bloggers and business people, to join me in doing something about it. We know we have the collective influence to make a big...

Videos: Creativity in facing the water crisis

  20 May 2008

With two very recent natural disasters in mind: the cyclone in Myanmar and the Earthquake in Sichuan, China, the topic of getting pure and drinkable water to needy populations has come back into the conversation. Following, several videos which propose different solutions to supply clean water or at least make it easier for people to have a healthful liquid to drink.

Myanmar: Report from Yangon

  20 May 2008

New Mandala received a report from a correspondent based in Yangon, Myanmar. An excerpt of the account: “The stories from the night of the cyclone that the villagers shared with me were gruesome. I was told how streets were turned into rivers through torrential rainfall and storm surges of over...

Israel: 1000 Days Since the Gaza Strip's Evacuation

Jameel at The Muquata reflects that it has been 1,000 days since Israeli citizens and military forces left Gaza as an occupying force. “The blatant callousness of the Israeli government and of Disengagement supporters who do not spend every second of their days trying to help the solve the refugee...

China:国殇; survival stories in QUAKE

  19 May 2008

No pen could suffice to write out all those happened and happening in where the quake struck. But undeniable, numerous common people created one after another legends of life,survival and sacrifice on this unprecedented crisis, transcending even the most formidable disaster. They are record-worthy. In memory of this trauma of China.

Myanmar: A survivor's story

  19 May 2008

Myat Thura wanted to cry after translating a Burmese blog. Nyi Lynn Seck quoted a survivor of the Cyclone Nargis: “Most of the dead were women. Many suggested they died not because of drowning, but because of injury during flooding…When I climbed to the boat pier, I saw a corpse...

Blog for Palestine Day

Blogger za3tar has organized Blog About Palestine Day for today, May 15, the anniversary of the Nakba and Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations. Bloggers around the world were invited to blog for Palestine, as noted by Global Voices here. Many bloggers chose to participate in the event; here is a selection.

Myanmar: Citizen videos in Cyclone Nargis’ aftermath

  16 May 2008

Despite restrictions on journalists imposed by the Burmese junta who govern the country, people have been going out and recording what is really happening to the victims of this natural disaster. On May 2nd, 2008, Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar (Burma), generating massive damage and tens of thousands dead or missing.

Palestine: Sixty Years of Al Nakba

Celebrations are under way to mark Israel's 60th anniversary - but for millions of Palestinians whose grandparents and parents were made refugees in the process, today marks Al Nakba - a day they were forced to flee their lands or were forcefully expelled from their homes as the State of Israel was born. Following is a cross-section of reactions from Arab bloggers.

Africa: The Simba Lions of Congo

  14 May 2008

African migrants and refugees enter South Australian amateur league: “The Simba Lions of Congo has, for the first time, entered the South Australian Amateur Soccer League (SSAASL), as a registered club. The club is made up of young migrants and refugees from Africa who now call Australia home.”

Myanmar: Twittering the cyclone disaster

  14 May 2008

Burmese bloggers have been using Twitter to give updates and reports about the situation in Myanmar. Twitter provides useful links to recent news articles and blog posts about the relief efforts, donation information details and other eyewitness accounts of the continuing tragedy in Myanmar.

China: Quake damage rising; witness in affected cities

  12 May 2008

Death tolls: 22069 (official statistic,23pm,05.16). The number is estimated to rise up to 50000 in following days. The update in this post will be stopped. So hard to see the relentlessly rising number! Further coverage on this quake might be put forward soon….Prayers. Updated: The previously isolated towns in epicenter...