· September, 2007

Stories about Refugees from September, 2007

Yemen: Refuge for Iraqis and Somalis

  18 September 2007

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad gives us a chilling insight to how Somalis risk all to escape to Yemen in this post, which also touches on the plight of escaping Iraqis. “For both Somalis and Iraqis: is there a solution in sight? Will Somalia and Iraq settle down and allow its...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  14 September 2007

With a major report to congress by America's top general in Iraq and the British withdrawal from Basra, politics is my main course for today. But there is much more - and if you read to the end - I present Aboosi the Iraqi Human Beatbox.

Lebanon: Army Ends “Fateh el Islam”

  3 September 2007

The siege of Nahr el Bared refugee camp is finally over. The Lebanese Army ended the warfare with the so called “Fateh el Islam” militants after 105 days by killing and capturing its remaining members. It is reported that among the dead is their leader Shaker el Absi. Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets, around the country and especially in the North, to celebrate the army’s victory. Moussa Bashir brings us the latest discussions from the Lebanese blogosphere about this development.

China: Burning Down Illegal Home

  3 September 2007

Chao Mu blogged a new photo showing a child in a ruin -a place used to be his home and was burned down into ashes by the Shenzhen government because the houses are illegal (zh).