· March, 2006

Stories about Refugees from March, 2006

North Korea: Official defects

  29 March 2006

Joshua from The Korea Liberator compares the recent defection of a North Korean man rumored to be a diplomat with the 2003 defection of senior North Korean weapons official Bok Ku Lee.

Myanmar: asylum for refugees

  28 March 2006

Still on the “material support” issue that denies entry to Burmese refugees and asylum seekers to the U.S., Burma Underground writes a letter to U.S. President George W. Bush, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State, and encourages readers to copy the letter and send...

Sierra Leone: Asylum in Australia

  28 March 2006

African Migrants reports that 6 of the missing athletes have asked the Australian government for political asylum. Six of the 15 Sierra Leonean have been issued “Temporary Protection Visas”.

DRC at a Boiling Point

  21 March 2006

Over at UDPS Liege, blogger J. Kayembe Tshipamba lists (FR) all the reasons why he believes the DRC is headed towards an era reminiscent of the Mobutu years: free speech issues as evidenced by the repressed March 10 opposition protest; the presence of Rwandan mercenaries; the parcelling of the DRC...

Panel on DRC Civil Society held in Belgium

  19 March 2006

At UDPS Liege, Damien Twambilangana questions (FR) Patient Bagenda's mobilization of his NGO Anti-Bwaki in favor of the DRC's new constitution. (The constitution was voted in by referendum last December. ) Twambilangana who is a member of Debout pour le Congo [Stand Up for Congo]confronted Bagenda with his questions at...

Sudan: Darfur alert

  16 March 2006

Human Rights Action calls on 200,000 to stand in for the victims of atrocities in Darfur...”At least two million people have been forced to flee their homes—and are displaced in Sudan or in camps in neighboring Chad. Help us stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are...

Liberia: Refugees

  14 March 2006

The Vision insists that refugees must have a say in the running of Buduburam refugee Settlement in Liberia....”It is also time that things become more proactive by giving refugees the chance to be part of some policy drafting which references the settlement since these policies are geared toward the welfare...

Estonia: Report on Human Rights in Estonia

Giustino at Itching for Eestimaa comments on the Council of Europe's report on Estonia, which criticizes the country's treatment of minorities and neglect for the history of the Holocaust. Estonia does not deserve being accused of the latter, according to Giustino.

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: After the Last Sky

News of the blogosphere… In sad breaking news from A STAND FOR JUSTICE, an Israeli sniper killed a 15-year-old Palestinian during a raid on West Bank: Amer Bassyouni, 15, was shot in the neck and died from his wounds as Israeli forces searched for militants in the Alamin refugee camp...