· June, 2007

Stories about Protest from June, 2007

Iran:Appeal for Iranian Students

In CityBoy we read “this is an appeal by bloggers against the detention of 9 Iranian students from the Amir Kabir Polytechnic University in Tehran who are been kept and repeatedly tortured at the notorious Evin prison.”The blogger has published the photos of these 9 jailed students too.

China: Chen Guangcheng beaten, on hunger strike

  19 June 2007

It's Dragon Boat time, nearly a year to the day since blind reproductive rights advocate Chen Guangcheng was taken in by police, and civil rights blogger Hu Jia makes his blogging return with news that Chen has been beaten while in prison.

Korea: Labor Law and E-Land

  17 June 2007

Last November, the Korean government finally changed the law for irregular workers. To fight discrimination against irregular workers and despotism of companies, the most significant change was to force companies to switch the status of irregular workers who have worked in the company more than two years to that of...

Iran:UK Queen's party and protesters

Kamangir explains us in details what happened in front of UK Embassy where protesters tried to disrupt a party held in honor of the Queen Elizabeth II.The demonstrators finished up their gathering with issuing a statement in which they asked the Judiciary to prosecute those who attended the party.

Kuwait: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This week's Kuwaiti blog posts swing from good to bad .. sometimes just plain ugly, writes Abdullatif AlOmar. In good news, read how Filipinos in the Emirate celebrated their country's national day; in the bad see how Kuwaiti women are now banned from working after 8pm and in the ugly news, check out the horrible destiny of a police dog.

Serbia: “The Hidden Fascism”

Inspired by the legacy of an African-American activist Audrey Lorde, a Serbian blogger condemns her compatriots' tendency to keep silent about crimes taking place in their own backyard. Sinisa Boljanovic translates an excerpt from this passionate post.

G8 Summit: Is the world a better place yet?

  14 June 2007

The G8 (+5) met in Heiligendamm, Germany last week. The world's richest countries came to agreements on climate change and poverty in Africa that are unlikely to satisfy most critics of global capitalism. Global Voices has linked to comments from India, Russia, and Africa in the past week. And people...

Hong Kong: 18 Housing right activists arrested

  14 June 2007

18 housing right activists demonstrated in the Legislative council against the abolition of law that control the ratio of public housing rent to 10% of family income median. The meeting was disrupted for 5 mins. Protesters were arrested and detained until 2:30am. Plato from inmediahk.net has a citizen report on...

“Beat the Censors!”, a gift of freedom for Thai Internet users

  13 June 2007

To date, Thailand’s ICT Minister, Dr Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom, has not kept his promise to unblock the popular video-sharing site, YouTube, which was blocked by the Thai government in April 2007 following the appearance on the site of material critical of the country's king. Sami Ben Gharbia explores Thailand's worsening censorship climate, and interviews one of the activists behind FACT, an organisation that is refusing to take the government's threats lying down.

Two Girls

  13 June 2007

People commemorate two girls who were killed by an American army vehicle on the way to their friends’ birthday party five years ago. Many bloggers recall their deaths.[ko]

Hong Kong: Queen's Pier Preservation Action Elevated

  13 June 2007

Yesterday, a ritualistic demonstration took place at the Queen's pier to show people's determination in preserving the pier via civil disobedient act. Chong from interlocals.net translated the statement by preservation activists. A Chinese version can be found at inmediahk.net.

Bhutan: The Wangchuks and the future

  12 June 2007

For A Democracy on why the Wangchuks will find the future harder than they imagined. “In the sponsorship of wangchuks, a survey had said Bhutanese are the happiest of all Asians and now the survey by government body itself, created by inventor of GNH for Jigme’s sake, has revealed that...

Russia: One More Dissenters’ March

Sean's Russia Blog is not impressed with the LA Times’ vision of this past Monday's Dissenters’ March in Moscow: “Kasparov addressed the crowd with his usual ‘we need a different Russia’ message. The crowd of 2000 chanted their usual slogans–‘Russia without Putin!’ Yawn.”

Iran:Hand Shaking with Women,Former President and You Tube

Conservative journals in Iran criticized the former president,Mohammad Khatami,for having shaken hands with several women in Italy.There is a video film on YouTube that shows he is shaking hands with a few ladies.The film was visited about 17000 times.Khatami's office talks about conspiracy against him and said he did not...

China: Agree to disagree

  12 June 2007

Positive solution points to a mainstream report from China Daily on “Public given more leeway to disagree with gov't”. The blogger comments that: Oh well. I guess we can agree to disagree – which, happily, is now legal.