· February, 2006

Stories about Protest from February, 2006

Russia: Photos From Feb. 23 Rallies in Moscow

  27 February 2006

Marina Litvinovich links (RUS) to photos from Feb. 23 rallies and marches that took place in Moscow: here, here, here, here, here, and here. The majority of the photos are from the rally in front of Russia's Defense Ministry, where people gathered to demand the army's reform and resignation of...

China: Why unenforced laws matter

  27 February 2006

Chinese Law Prof notes the appearance of a new book by Kevin O'Brien and Lianjiang Li, Rightful Resistance in Rural China, saying it shows how legal texts can be socially meaningful even when they are not in any practical sense enforceable by courts or other state institutions.

Singapore, Thailand: Photoblogging Protests

  27 February 2006

Singapore-based themediaslut is photoblogging protests in Thailand against business mogul and PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who last week dissolved parliament and called snap elections as a response to the public outcry over the tax-free millions earned from the sale of a controlling stake in his Shin Corp. to Singapore's Temasek Holdings.

Zimbabwe: Demonstrations on Mugabe's Birthday

  27 February 2006

President Mugabe celebrated his birthday last Tuesday. This is Zimbabwe reports that many citizens took to the streets in protests, demonstrations and sit-ins…“The ongoing countrywide demonstrations by students spread to Masvingo Polytechnic on Tuesday, as police briefly arrested 15 students before releasing them later in the day. The Zimbabwe National...

Update: Samarra Catastrophe

  25 February 2006

The developing situation in Iraq is moving too fast and filling more column inches than a roundup can satisfy. Here is a summary of the blog events since Thursday. It is at times like this you can see that blogging comes into its own above other journalism. There is no...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Refugees Reloaded

  24 February 2006

News of the blogosphere… PSM (Palestine Solidarity Movement) Fifth Annual Divestment Conferece has taken place from February 17-19 in Washington DC, US attracting more than six hundred student and community activists from ninety different university and organization from across the US as mentioned in a report by The Hatchet. Witnesses...

Philippines: Revolutions

  23 February 2006

Jessica Zafra reminds readers why the Philippines 1986 “People Power” Revolt, the 20th anniversary of which is ongoing, was so important, despite the subsequent disappointments and political troubles: “We were the opening salvo in the Big Freedom Blasts that began in the late 1980s and continue into this century. The...

Catastrophe in Samarra

  23 February 2006

I am devoting my Thursday post on Iraqi blogs to the bombing of the Shia Shrine in Samarra and I hope to cover the rest of the Iraqi Blogs in a later report. The subject is serious enough to dominate the Iraqi weblogs. The Shia shrine in Samarra is one...

Belarus: Microsoft's Russification Policy

  20 February 2006

br23 blog encourages Belarusian Internet users to write to Microsoft to protest what appears to be the company's Russification policy: “If in your browser settings you chose Belarusian as the first language […], then all the materials on support.microsoft.com would always appear to you in Russian. Even if you explicitly...

Belarus: Moscow Solidarity Rally

  20 February 2006

LJ user greenmih, a Russian photographer, posts black-and-white photos from an anti-Lukashenko, pro-Belarus solidarity rally that took place in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow this past Saturday (RUS). Politically-minded hooligans tried to disrupt the rally, but did not succeed.

Sudan: Yale sells stock in oil

  17 February 2006

The Passion of the Present reports that students of Yale university in the US have called for the university authorities to remove any financial interests they may have with Sudan.. “Yale had stock in one of seven oil companies that produced a good amount of revenue for the Sudanese government....

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  16 February 2006

Love is in the air this week and even hardened Iraqi bloggers go mushy at the knees on Valentines day. The cartoon controversy has been brewing with more thoughtful comments and Iraq has been dealing with its own controversy – the demon of abuses by British and American troops has...

Haiti: Spin Doctors, and the occupation of the Hotel Montana

  15 February 2006

Free Haiti fingers three US reporters — Carol J. Williams, Edward M. Gomez and Kathie Klarreich — who appear to be “spinning the facts” on the current situation in Haiti, and posts some dramatic photos of protesters swarming the pool at the Hotel Montana, where the members of the CEP...

Nigeria: Muslim cartoons

  15 February 2006

Nigerian Times posts a scathing comment on the Muslim cartoon protests in Africa………..”Most Africans always like to ape others. And they are the worst hypocrites in the world”

Zimbabwe: WOZA demonstrate for Bread and Roses

  15 February 2006

The Bearded man reports on a protest held in Harare yesterday by WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise). More than 400 women were arrested in the demonstration called Bread and Roses…….”The bread stands for the need for affordable food, and the roses represent the need to be dignified and the call...