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· May, 2007

Stories about Politics from May, 2007

Egypt: Monem will be freed and Amr Gharbeia interrogated

Zimbabwe: inflation exceeds 10,000%

Cuba: US Visit to Spain

Bermuda: RIP Dame Brown-Evans

Syria: Assad for a second term with the “approval” of 97.68%

Oman: Shura Questions

Japan: “Thought Check” Screening for Citizen Judges

While news in Japan this week has been understandably fixated on the sensational suicide of Agriculture Minister Matsuoka Toshikatsu, another story revealed in a blog entry by Diet member Hosaka...

Kazakhstan: Ruling Family Shakeup

Panama: Political Season Heating Up, The Return of Noriega, and Crime in Panama: a Love Story

Presidential elections in Panama are not scheduled until May 2009, but bloggers are already keeping a watchful eye out for any developments. Another interesting turn of events that will arrive...

Thailand: Blocking Pro-Thaksin Sites

Lebanon: More on the Crisis in the Country

For the second week, Lebanese bloggers have posted anecdotes, reflections, updates, photos, videos, jokes, sarcasm and drawings on the issue that is taking precedence over all other topics. The issue...

Poland: “A Teletubby in the Closet”

Ukraine: Internal Troops

Russia: Attacks on Gays and a British Diplomat

Iran:What is going wrong between Iran and Egypt

Nepal: On “newness”

Bahrain: Police Excessive Use of Force

Jordan: The Other 3% in Syria

Belarus: Blogger br23/Uładzimer Katkoŭski Passes Away

Belarusian blogger Uładzimer Katkoŭski/br23 passed away in Prague on May 25 at the age of 30. As one of his online friends wrote, "To a large degree thanks to his...

Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela: Media & Politics

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