· December, 2007

Stories about Photography from December, 2007

Kuwait: Dude, Where is my Winter ?

  10 December 2007

This week, a Kuwaiti blogger dishes out advice on how to behave this winter while others continue to give comedy act Axis of Evil raving reviews. Also from Kuwait is a visit to the Car Show and a price hike at Starbucks.

Armenia: Regal Politics

  9 December 2007

Commenting on a photograph of opposition activists holding a sign likening former president Levon Ter Petrosian to a king, Blogian says that politics in Armenia upsets him more than at any other time.

Armenia: Election Monitor

  9 December 2007

The Armenia Election Monitor 2008 post photographs of the latest rally by former president Levon Ter Petrosian ahead of the February vote. The blog says that there is speculation that the radical opposition is hoping that the international community will support a “colored revolution” in the former Soviet republic.

Barbados: Old Buildings

  9 December 2007

“We can never be sure when some of these old places will be under the wrecking ball”: Barbados In Focus documents what the calls “the dying of an old building”.

Armenia: Fear & Oppression Ahead of Election

  6 December 2007

After deciding that it would not be a conflict of interests to sell a photograph of former president Levon Ter Petrosian for use by his team to publicize Saturday's rally, Global Voices’ Onnik Krikorian writes on his Armenia Election Monitor 2008 that he is outraged that the leaflets have been...

Iran:From slogan to reality

  4 December 2007

Kosoof,a leading photo blogger, has published a photo of a dirty wall where we can still see one of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presidential campaign's posters in 2005.On the poster,there is a promise for happiness and comfort.Kosoof says what happened to these slogans? He adds there is no sign of comfort and...