· November, 2007

Stories about Photography from November, 2007

Uganda: Are you ready for CHOGM?

  14 November 2007

Ugandan bloggers (popularly known as the Blogren) gear up for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, worry about the latest developments in the north and keep tabs on their favorite reality television star, Maureen Namatovu.

Russia: Moscow City and Its ‘Gastarbeiter’ (Photos)

  13 November 2007

Charles Ganske of Russia Blog goes up to the 35th floor of the Federation Tower and takes pictures of the Moscow City, “the largest construction project in Europe.” LJ user kunstkamera – journalist Yulia Vishnevetskaya – walks around the Moscow City down on the ground, photographing the people – Tajik...

Ukraine: Ruined History

  12 November 2007

Olechko writes about and posts photos of Olyka and Klevan: “Two rival towns going back in sixteen hundreds now are ruins with a palace/castle and a cathedral each. One castle now is a psychiatric hospital, the other – a ruin, home to junkies and stray sheep.”

Armenia: Election Play

  12 November 2007

The Armenian Patchwork reports and posts photos on a series of theatrical plays which form part of civil society's preparations for the February presidential election in Armenia.

Brazil: Morality, homophobia, ethics or hipocrisy?

  11 November 2007

After a popular tour throughout the country, everything was ready for the opening of the photo exhibition Heróis (Heroes) by Luiz Garrido, in Brasília, capital of Brazil. This time, the 24 black and white pictures of famous Brazilians were to be shown at the Chamber of Deputies, as part of...

Palestine: Trees Destroyed

  9 November 2007

Aquacool, from Tunisia, posts a picture from Palestine, showing destruction of huge amounts of trees on the road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

Georgia: End of a Fairy Tale?

  7 November 2007

It couldn't have come at a worse time with all three republics in the South Caucasus gearing up for elections to be held next year. Georgia, considered a beacon of [relative] democracy in the region until today, has set an unfortunate precedent given that the opposition in all three countries...

Tajikistan: Travelogue Impressions

  3 November 2007

There is interesting story of an American woman who travels around Tajikistan and writes a travelogue. It seems like she is not really happy with the service in this country but she loves to talk to people and know about their life and traditions. In two days she had so...

Russia: Togliatti Bus Explosion

  2 November 2007

On Oct. 31, a bomb exploded on a bus packed with morning commuters in the southern Russian city of Togliatti, killing eight people and wounding 50. Russian bloggers discuss the tragedy and the highly disturbing images of the victims that have flooded the blogosphere.