· June, 2007

Stories about Photography from June, 2007

Kuwait: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This week's Kuwaiti blog posts swing from good to bad .. sometimes just plain ugly, writes Abdullatif AlOmar. In good news, read how Filipinos in the Emirate celebrated their country's national day; in the bad see how Kuwaiti women are now banned from working after 8pm and in the ugly news, check out the horrible destiny of a police dog.

Gabon: Libreville mermaid hoax (via St. Petersburg, Florida)

  15 June 2007

Association des gabonais d'Amiens dispels a mermaid hoax [Fr]. Photographs of a mermaid supposedly discovered dead on a beach in Libreville were actually downloaded from an eBay auction for a mermaid sighting in St. Petersburg, Florida. The St. Petersburg photographs sold for US$1500 to a French natural history museum.

India: The Kanchipuram Girl and other photographs

  15 June 2007

Keerthivasan from Chennai visited nearby Kanchipuram, a temple town. An avid photographer, he snapped a lot of photos but displayed only one! He did not even choose to take this photo. When he was busy concentrating on the temple elephant, a passerby with an authoritative voice demanded that he shoot...

Nicaragua: Back to Plaza de la Revolución, Again.

  14 June 2007

During recent changes in power, the ruling party often sought to cover or erase signs of the previous regimes. This included the removal of murals or renaming of famous plazas. In this case, the current Sandanista government continues the trend by renaming the main plaza back to Revolution Plaza, which is what it was called during the FSLN's first administration.

Nepal: Durbar Square in motion

  13 June 2007

An American blogger in Nepal working to promote and protect Dalit rights, has a photograph that captures the energy of a street when a banda (strike) is not in place.

Morocco: A Photo Tour

Ask any photographer - Morocco is known as one of the world's most photogenic spots. This week's post by Jillian York showcases photographs from all over the country - from the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music to the gorgeous gorges of the Dades Valley.

China: Flickr filtered and the Flickr community reacts

  9 June 2007

Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site is being blocked in China since June 7th: “It seems that access to our image servers is being blocked for users in much of China. Our technical staff has looked into this at depth and determined this is not a technical issue from our end....

Taiwan: Matsu Temple

  8 June 2007

Michael Turton blogs some great photos of Matsu Temple in Daija, with some background about the significance of Matsu culture.

China: Flickr filtered

  7 June 2007

The distinct 2.0ness with which an unprecedented environmental protest was carried out last week in southern China's seaside Xiamen city seems to have resulted, as of June 7, in the service of two websites key to the exclusive blog coverage of the event being disrupted: Bullog.cn, where live updates from...

Guatemala: Parking Restrictions

  5 June 2007

Antigua boasts a high number of one-way streets. As a result, parking is only limited to one side of the street, however, some pay no mind to these restrictions. The site Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo shows what happens when a driver takes his/her chances and parks illegally anyway.

Iran in the eyes of a Swedish Blogger

Jonathan Lundqvist is a Swedish blogger who visited Iran a few months ago and shared his experiences with Global Voices in an interview. Jonathan has published several photos on his blog about censorship, daily life, tradition, and modernity in Iran without forgetting beauty of the country. Here are seven images...

Slovenia: “Self-Absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Morons”

Outraged – and inspired – by Ljubljana’s “Self-Absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Morons,” Piran Cafe creates a Flickr group and encourages readers to get involved in some activism: “The idea is a simple one. Snap a pic of the offending self-absorbed bike lane-parking moron(s) with the license plate clearly identifiable –like this...

Kuwait: Parties, Art and Telecom

With Yemenis in Kuwait celebrating their Unification Day, Kuwaiti bloggers are out in full force checking out art exhibitions, the telecoms situation, wedding parties and book censorship in this week's review of Kuwaiti blogs by Abdullatif AlOmar.

Russia: Schools in Chechnya

"In four days, we've seen 22 schools in four mountainous districts. That's a lot. As a result, most schools have merged in my mind into one cold space with white-blue walls, embellished with numerous portraits of Kadyrov as well as his aphorisms. Who is hanging all this? "Well, try not to!" - is the school principals' reply." Read more of Yulia Vishnevetskaya's account of her recent trip to Chechnya and watch her powerful photos.

Jamaica: Castleton Gardens

  1 June 2007

“I believe that as a citizen of Jamaica I should know as much of the island as I can.” Stunner takes a photographic tour of Jamaica's Castleton Gardens.