· April, 2007

Stories about Photography from April, 2007

Greece: The Roma

  20 April 2007

Romania International Media Watch links to a blog on discrimination of the Roma population of Greece – The Roma Series, by Devious Diva: “Unfortunately, there is seems to be very little tolerance in the Greek society for Roma people or/and especially for people like DD who have been writing about...

Armenia: HayPost Election Mailing

  20 April 2007

Oneworld Multimedia reports on the Armenian Postal Service's massive, computerized direct mail campaign to reach every voter with a voting notice card, a campaign that may just help rejuvenate the postal service.

Peru: Photo-Blogger Meetup

  19 April 2007

Juan Arellano links to some of the resulting photography from Lima's inaugural photoblogger meetup last month. Not to worry if you missed out, the next one is right around the corner (April 22).

Trinidad & Tobago: Salt Fish

  17 April 2007

Thebookmann takes a detour from his Caribbean Fruit theme to photograph saltfish (salted cod), a popular regional dish that has also been the subject of double entendre in some of Trinidad and Tobago's most entertaining calypsoes.

Russia: Dissenters’ March in Moscow (1)

  17 April 2007

The volume of blog coverage of the weekend's opposition rallies in Moscow and St. Petersburg is truly overwhelming - as overwhelming, perhaps, as the number of riot police deployed from all over Russia to disperse these rallies - but nowhere near as shocking.

Interview with Digital Kalashinkov, Journalist and Blogger

Blogs are the most free media in Iran and have found their own place in society. The blogs have pushed the boundaries ... Reformist politicians have given importance to bloggers. And conservative politicians, little by little, have disocovered the importance of being part of this new media. Of course they have a lot of enemies too.

Bangladesh: Celebrating Bangla New Year 1414

  16 April 2007

Shuvo Bangla Noboborsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to everyone. April 14th was the first day of the Bangla year 1414 also known as Pohela Baishakh. In Bangladesh, this day is a national holiday and in West Bengal it is a public holiday. Now Bangladeshi bloggers will take us through the history, culture and celebrations of this event.

Taiwan: Bloggers’ Further Action on Saving Losheng Sanatorium

  15 April 2007

As mentioned in the previous post, discussions and actions on saving Lo-Sheng Sanatorium have widely spread in Taiwan blogosphere. Now the whole event has also attracted attention from mainstream media, the public, and politicians. Bloggers’ actions: In addition to discussions and collaboration over their blogs, several bloggers decided to take...

Kuwait: Bloggers’ Show Aired Following Protests

Popular Kuwaiti television show Al Diwaniya is being aired again – following protests from some of Kuwait's bloggers. The show, which was expected to feature interviews with some bloggers in one of its episodes was taken off the air, sparking speculations and rumours as to why it was pulled off....

Ukraine: Kyiv Photos

  13 April 2007

Michael Forster Rothbart photographs one of the Kyiv neighborhoods to which evacuees from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were relocated two decades ago – and gets his camera bag with 41 items in it stolen. (There are many more photos and stories on the blog, including a few from the...