· March, 2007

Stories about Photography from March, 2007

China: Officer dismissed for blogging

  18 March 2007

In China, there's more precedent for blogging getting people in trouble with the police than there is for blogging in itself getting one getting fired. So what happens to cops who blog? Check out Hubei-based Soho Xiaobao blogger Wu Youming‘s most recent post, ‘Confessions of a canned cop‘, dated March...

Eastern & Central Europe: Travel and Food

  15 March 2007

Wu Wei travels from Ljubljana to Croatia and, on a Slovenian train, to Venice; writes about her trip to Trakai, Lithuania, and shares her thoughts on Vilnius; posts photos from her three trips to Lake Bled outside Ljubljana; – and eats “dandelions for lunch” at “Klub Preserne Zdravlice” restaurant. (All...

Philippines: Visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza

  8 March 2007

Our Awsome Planet shares images from the blogger's recent trip to Egypt. “This is my humble attempt to share the experience with you, and I feel that there are no words to describe accurately the experience. I immediately went over to www.new7wonders.com to vote for The Great Pyramids of Egypt...

Brazil, Kenya: World Social Forum

  7 March 2007

Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal was at the seventh World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, where she captured this incredible photograph of children playing in Kibera.