· January, 2011

Stories about Photography from January, 2011

Egypt Protests 2011 in Seoul, South Korea.

  31 January 2011

Korean and Egyptian activists held a protest together in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Seoul today. Several local media published articles on today's demonstration which titled ‘ A Protest for Mubarak's Withdrawl and Egyptian's Freedom’. The Financial News posted five photos of the protest(Click the black box below article).

Egypt: Twittering from the Rooftops

  27 January 2011

The Egyptian Twittersphere on #jan25 is thick with stories of the ongoing unrest. For observers, the rooftops have become a favored vantage. Ivan Sigal shares this bird's eye view of developments, on the third day of the protests that have rocked Egypt.

Bangladesh: Chobi Mela VI Started

  23 January 2011

“The biggest Asian photography festival Chobi meal vi kicked off in Dhaka with a vow to fight against injustice around the world,” informs photo-blogger Monirul Alam.

Russia: Putin's Palace Exposed on Ruleaks

RuNet Echo  20 January 2011

The Russian Wikileaks website published photos [RUS] of what is allegedly known as Vladimir Putin's $1 billion-worth palace on the shore of  Black Sea . The story of the secret construction has been exposed [ENG] by Vedomosti newspaper few weeks ago.

France: A Show of Tunisian Pride in Paris

  15 January 2011

Today, January 15, marks the "day after" and the first day of a Ben Ali free Tunisia. Despite their concern for the continuous violence in Tunisia, their relatives and the future, the 600 000 Tunisians in France granted themselves one day to rejoice, celebrate and share an overwhelming collective emotion. Here are a few pictures from a Tunisian show of pride in Paris.

Africa: Visual Representation of Africa

  12 January 2011

African Lens is a project that seeks to tell the story of Africa through visual elements which captures the essence of everyday lives: “Content is contributed by you and photojournalists who travel across the continent.”

Japan: Office Photos of Major Internet Companies

  10 January 2011

The Sooey blog rounded up photos of the office spaces belonging to some of Japan's most well known Internet companies, wondering about the trend of having fancy entrances and desk areas that mostly resemble ‘chicken farms’. See dozens of photos for GREE, Start Today (of ZOZOTOWN fame), Cookpad, and DeNA.

Japan: Coming of Age Day 2011

  10 January 2011

It's Coming of Age Day in Japan today and Buddhika Weerasinghe has posted street snaps of people celebrating in colorful kimono. 1.24 million Japanese turn 20 years old this year, which is a record low for the fourth consecutive year.

Mozambique: Photoblogging provincial life

  10 January 2011

Journalist António Zefanias recently started a blog called Fotografando Zambézia [Pt], in which he posts photos revealing unique aspects of daily life in Mozambique's central Zambézia province and its capital Quelimane.

South Korea's Haemaji(Sunrise Greeting) in 2011

  3 January 2011

South Korea's Wikitree posted photos of  the very first sunrise of the year across the country. Annually, thousands of Koreans travel for hours to the far eastern or southern side of the country or climb nearest mountains for Haemaji(Sunrise Greeting), their centruries-old tradition.