· April, 2010

Stories about Photography from April, 2010

Japan: Plastic duck race

  29 April 2010

Photoreporter Damoncoulter uploaded original pictures of the duck race held at the second Ashigara River festival in Matsuda city (south of Tokyo). Some hundred yellow, plastic ducks are emptied into the river and “the monies raised are plowed back into environmental organizations that clean up the river and Ashigara area.”

Ukraine: Chernobyl's 24th Anniversary

  27 April 2010

April 26 marked the 24th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Ukrainiana writes about a 1990 movie, “an irony-packed perestroika-era drama offers an X-ray of Soviet crisis mismanagement.” Chernobyl and Eastern Europe reviews three documentaries on the catastrophe. Michael Forster Rothbart‘s Chernobyl photography project is featured in zReportage online magazine...

Japan: The art of making Sake

  25 April 2010

A few pictures by Buddhika illustrate the art of making sake, the alcholic beverage made from rice. The photographer portrays some workers at a sake distillery in Fukui Prefecture.

Bangladesh: Images Of Pahela Boishakh

  15 April 2010

Ershad Ahmed at Dhaka Photo blog shares some colorful pictures of Pahela Boishakh – Bengali new year (1417) festivities. Expat blogger Paagli Didi, the Fulbright Scholar has more pictures.

India: Wheat Harvest In North India

  5 April 2010

“Have you seen wheat being harvested in North India?” asks Deepa Krishnan at Desicritics. She then takes us to a long walk into a golden-yellow wheat field in Rajasthan with her photo-essay.

Bangladesh: The Cost Of The Truth

  1 April 2010

“It costs the efforts of many to deliver a piece of truth to the masses,” comments Mehedi Rahman on the recent verdict of the Bangladesh supreme court to reopen the censored photo exhibition titled “crossfire“, which depicts the extra-judicial killings in the country.