· February, 2010

Stories about Photography from February, 2010

Armenia: Chance meeting

  28 February 2010

Unzipped: Gay Armenia visits the Yuri Mechitov photo exhibit at the National Theatre in London as part of an festival of events honoring Armenian film director Sergei Parajanov and runs into the photographer. The blog posts photographs from the visit and encounter.

Russia: “Best of Russia” Photo Exhibition

RuNet Echo  23 February 2010

IZO writes about Best Of Russia '09 photography exhibition at Winzavod Contemporary Art Center in Moscow: “The wide range of amateur or semi-pro content and the big turn-out reminded me of what the Royal Academy Summer Show in London used to be, before professional artists squeezed the non-professionals out: a...

Russia: Pictures and Videos of Arctic Winter

RuNet Echo  10 February 2010

Russian traveler Dan Kislov (a.k.a. LJ user nub1an) posted [RUS] a video and pictures of the Nenetsky Autonomous District [EN], one of the most perspective oil and gas provinces in the country. Oil towers, snowstorms and kilometers of unpopulated terrain.

China: Photos from outside the Tan Zuoren trial

  10 February 2010

Media, diplomats and even a monk were present at activist Tan Zuoren‘s trial yesterday where he was sentenced to five years in prison. Media activist Yang Licai today uploaded his photos from outside the courthouse.

Taiwan: Photoblogger Featured in Windows7 Theme

  4 February 2010

Photoblogger frogfree's 5 sets of photographs are officially recognized and featured in Windows 7 theme. He hopes it could encourage people around the world using Windows 7  to get to know the beauty of Taiwan(zh).

Russia: Rallies and Arrests

RuNet Echo  3 February 2010

Opposition activist Oleg Kozlovsky writes about the protests that took place in Russia last week. Photographer Oleg Klimov reports (RUS) on the detention of a photography student Natalya Yeryomina at the Jan. 31 rally in Moscow.