· October, 2008

Stories about Photography from October, 2008

Venezuela: How Children Show Their Community Through Photography

  28 October 2008

Ancla2 is an educational cooperative devoted to teaching photography, technology, and media skills to children from small and poor communities in Venezuela, who have discovered a new way to see and appreciate their own surroundings, and at the same time, have learned new life skills that will help them in many other areas.

Nagorno Karabakh: Mass Wedding

  19 October 2008

517 Design [RU] posts photographs of a mass wedding which took place in the disputed mainly Armenian-populated territory of Nagorno Karabakh during which as many as 700 couples tied the knot. The blogger's English-language site also carries more information on the cash incentives ranging from $2,000-100,000 offered to the young...

Brazilian myths and haunts on the Lusosphere – Part 1

  15 October 2008

The first of three articles that will take us around the virtual campfire to hear stories about ghosts and enchantment from Brazilian folklore: Cuca, Negrinho do Pastoreio, Boitatá and Curupira, are just some of the beings that inhabit the nights, dreams, and nightmares of Brazil. We also find a group of artists who are telling anew a long told Brazilian popular story.

XDR-TB: Photographer Brings Emerging Disease Into Focus

  10 October 2008

In 2007 renowned war photographer and photojournalist James Nachtwey received a TED Prize, granting him $100,000 and one wish to change the world. Nachtwey's wish was to share a vital story in an innovative way using news photography. Last week his wish came true with the unveiling of his photos,...

Nepal: Plane crash in Lukla

  8 October 2008

Bimal Gautam, a photojournalist from Nepal posts some photos of the crash of an Yeti Airlines plane in his photoblog. 18 persons died in the air crash in Lukla today including 14 Germans, 2 Australians and 2 Nepalis.

Japan: Street View and Public Space

  7 October 2008

The debate about Google's new Street View service in Japan, which sparked criticisms following its launch over a perceived lack of cultural sensitivity, has come back into the spotlight with the recent visit to Tokyo by Google vice president Kent Walker, and with reports emerging that the service does not appear to properly distinguish between public and private spaces.

Japan: 1st Keitai Photo Awards

  5 October 2008

id:heimin posts pictures he's taken with his keitai [mobile phone] camera over the last year [ja], including: shots before and after he shaved his head, close-ups of cutting nostril hair, snapshots of meals he's eaten, cats and dogs, the Hanshin Tigers, manga and ice cream. The popularity of Keitai Shosetsu...

Japan: Jiyugaoka Street Exhibition 2008

  4 October 2008

Space Journal has pictures of an ongoing street exhibition in Jiyūgaoka (Tokyo) held today and tomorrow (Oct. 4-5), designed by architecture group g86 [ja]. The show, located on Shirakaba street next to Jiyūgaoka station, is a “virtual exhibition” featuring QR codes as a “window” to various works by artists and...

Japan: Cirque du Soleil ZED

  2 October 2008

Blogger sky2525 posts photos of her night out [ja] at Cirque du Soleil ZED in Tokyo on Oct. 1st, as well as some pictures of cats doing a few circus tricks of their own.