· September, 2008

Stories about Photography from September, 2008

China: Imprison for Faking Tiger

  30 September 2008

Do you still remember the South China Tigergate issue? The farmer, who claimed to have taken the photo is now facing criminal charge and may be put into prison because of that. ESWN has collected and translated local news on the case.

Japan: MIRAI brings together gadgets and the Internet

  29 September 2008

Alpha Bloggers announces a free event [ja] in Tokyo entitled, “Mirai: synthesis of gadgets and the net” (MIRAI:ネットとガジェットの融合), to be held on October 20th from 7pm to 10pm near Kudanshita station (see map [ja]). The event will discuss the possibilities of a future in which gadgets and the Internet are...

Japan: Photos from Iriomote

  27 September 2008

Blogger id:mereco posts amazing photos [ja] from her trip to the island of Iriomote [西表島] in Okinawa, Japan. Photos from the trip include pictures of cows, hermit and coconut crabs, and a box turtle. The full set can be found on id:mereco's Flickr page.

Japan: Uni likes the bathtub

  27 September 2008

At Uni no Himitsu Kichi (うにの秘密基地), Japanese blogger sauta19 posts photos of her cat [ja] Uni following her into the bathroom and on top of the bathtub, a place that only a few days ago Uni had hated. She also announces to readers that she will be showing pictures of...

Azerbaijan: Urban Development Blog

  26 September 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a new blog established to monitor urban development in Baku by two German researchers. The blog includes commentary and photography and is at http://urbanchange.wenedeux.com.

Bangladesh: Images of nature

  24 September 2008

Desher Chobi posts some beautiful pictures shot in the Botanical Garden of Dhaka, Bangladesh as a part of the photowalk organized by Flickr group “Shudhui Bangla”.

Japan: The true revolution of Google Street View

  24 September 2008

Blogger id:bohemian_style reflects on the launch of Google Street View in Japan [ja], noting that the way the service is viewed differs depending on where people are living: in modern urban areas, people's sense of privacy tends to be limited their immediate living space, which ends at the entrance to...

Japan: Takeda Castle, the Japanese Machu Pichu

  23 September 2008

An entry entitled “Japan's Machu Pichu? The ruins of Takeda Castle, Castle to the Heavens” [ja] posted at Tomorrowearth.com has an incredible set of photos (more here, here and here) of an abandoned castle in Asago city, Hyōgo Prefecture. More pictures and a map of the castle ruins here [ja].

Bangladesh: Celebrating Ramadan

  18 September 2008

Dhaka Dweller describes the culture of Ramadan in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh accompanied with photos. Back to Bangladesh posts more photos adding some Iftar colors from the streets of Dhaka.

South Korea: Han River

  18 September 2008

Robert Neff from Ohmynews! posted some historical photos of Han River (from an exhibition) to indicate how the river changes over time.

Belarus, Ukraine, Russia: Chernobyl Photo Essay

  17 September 2008

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe links to a photo essay created by teenagers from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia for the International Conference on Chernobyl held in Belarus in April 2006: “It is interesting to see these images – effects of the Chernobyl disaster as seen through the eyes of the children.”

Arabeyes: Ramadan Thoughts

  17 September 2008

With the holy month of Ramadan quickly wrapping up, bloggers from around the Arab world share their thoughts on the month, their activities, driving standards and their yearning for a holiday. Following are some reactions from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Libya.