· August, 2008

Stories about Photography from August, 2008

Georgia: Photographs of Tskhinvali and Gori

  30 August 2008

Regional Reporters [RU] posts photographs from Tskhinvali, capital of the breakaway region of South Ossetia, and Gori, the strategic town until recently under Russian occupation, in the aftermath of the recent military conflict and war of words between Moscow and Tbilisi.

Guinea-Bissau: Travel Pictures

  28 August 2008

Attending requests, Brigida Rocha Brito [pt] publishes some pictures of Forest of Cantanhez, Tombali region in southern Guinea-Bissau, towards Guiné Conacri borders, and promises more soon. “Next there will be new series of pictures from Bissau and a third one from Cachéu, region in the north near the border with...

Brazil: Church demands justice do ban sexy pic on Playboy

  26 August 2008

Milton Ribeiro [pt] reports that the Brazilian Justice has banned a photo in August edition of Playboy, after complains from the Catholic Church because the model was holding a crucifix. “After all, the Catholic Church, who owns the fetish, felt offended and it is now going after the girl and...

Georgia: Photo Blogs

  26 August 2008

Georgia & South Caucasus posts a selection of images from two photo blogs taken in the aftermath of the Russian-Georgian conflict over South Ossetia. The photos include those of IDPs in Tbilisi and from the strategic town of Gori which was until recently occupied by Russian troops.

China: Photos from inside Tibetan Skynet control room

  26 August 2008

Famed she is, though definitely not for her blogging, which is too bad, because there's no doubt that a lot of people would be interested to see the control-room photos and series of Chinese-language sources that Tibetan writer Woeser has just posted which show just how close of an electronic...

Georgia: Dispatches

  25 August 2008

My The Caucasian Knot has posts accompanied by photographs of a press conference given by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, an account of attempts to get into the Russian-occupied town of Gori, humanitarian concerns in Tbilisi following an influx of IDPs, and a report...

China: Amazing Olympics recap photos

  25 August 2008

“Wow,” says Twitter user @frankyu, retweeting @PatrickSearle: “Amazing set of Olympic pics: http://stuff.thdesign.be/forum/varia/OS.html.” Note, though, that nudity can be seen there.

Bahrain: Celebrating the Imam Al-Mahdi’s birth

In the middle of the Islamic month of Sha’aban, the month before Ramadan, festivities take place all over Bahrain celebrating the date of Imam Al Mahdi’s birth. The occasion is called Nasfa [Ar], and it is not just a Shiite religious feast, but an event celebrated by Bahrainis of all communities.

China: Watching women's volleyball

  20 August 2008

Thanks to Bill Bishop at the MarketWatch Olympic Blog, we are given a recount of a day at the beach watching the US, Brazil and China's women's volleyball teams in the semi-finals. Not just that, Bill points us to a link that shows what the Beach Babes cheerleaders had to...

China: Photos of empty seats and Beijing streets

  19 August 2008

Wandering Light photoblogger Kevin German is in Beijing attending the Olympics, looking closely at ticket scalpers and empty seats and writing very poignant posts about the city, but the photos he's been taking, wow!

Paraguay: Following Lugo's Inauguration on Flickr

  19 August 2008

Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo started the use of Flickr in January 2008 as a way to document his appearances during the campaign. After being sworn in as the new president of his country on August 15, he continues to use this citizen's media tool. Nearly 2,500 photos later and all licensed under Creative Commons, Lugo hopes to share his presidency with Paraguayans at home and abroad.

Khmer Humer

  18 August 2008

Words & Pictures uploads a Khmer Humer. In other countries, a Humer is a luxury car. In Cambodia it is used for ice delivery.

China: ljc, piglet and domo's fyi Olympics blog

  16 August 2008

And easily one of the coolest-looking blogs following the Beijing Olympics is ljcfyi (in Beijing), where ljc has taken many spectacular photos of everything from Fuwas bumping around and doing headstands between sports to the different colors of the Water Cube morph cycle to everywhere her friends Piglet and Domo...

China: V for Volleyball and…

  16 August 2008

..Victory! Photoblogger Derrick Story shares some of his photos taken late last week of players from the women's teams from China and a couple other countries: “captured with a Canon 5D, with a 70-200mm Canon L using a matching 1.4X multiplier.”

China: What The Olympics Are Really About

  16 August 2008

Talk to Catch Up Lady blogger for a vivid sense of not just the mood in and around the Olympics, but with her photos and video taken at the Water Cube before and during the heat yesterday in which Michael Phelps‘ won his sixth gold medal, the sounds and sights...