· July, 2008

Stories about Photography from July, 2008

Lebanon: Flashmobbers

Lebanese Flashmobbers hit the streets of Beirut on Saturday (July 19) and slept on the sidewalks of Ain el Mreisseh for five minutes and that was captured in photos by Liliane.

El Salvador: Photographer Nominated for Journalism Prize

  25 July 2008

Photographer Álvaro López was recently nominated for the prestigious Ibero-American New Journalism prize for his series called Terrorism in El Salvador. His photos showed a violent confrontation between a protestor and police, placing the photographer in danger while capturing the images writes Solavá of Hora Cero [es].

Latvia: Arnis Balcus’ Photoblog

Arnis Balcus has started a Latvia photoblog: “Here I want to display my findings because the things that interest me are very often taken for granted and passed away unnoticed. These are little things that one day will disappear, for instance, architecture and its elements that remind of Soviet times...

Photos of Preah Vihear

  24 July 2008

John Vink posted several photos of Preah Vihear temple which captured the tension between Thailand and Cambodia. Both countries are claiming the historic site.

Brazil: São Paulo 360°

  23 July 2008

Would you like to have a look at São Paulo without going there? Paulo Bicarato [pt] tips about the website BR360, Brazilian panoramas and virtual reality.

Colombia: Freedom March Around the World

  21 July 2008

After the rescue of 15 high profile hostages held in the FARC's power on July 2nd 2008, the same group that organized the last global march on February 4th against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) decided that there should be a another one on July 20th, the day when Colombia's Independence from Spain is celebrated. The following videos and photographs show the way this Independence celebration and liberation march was celebrated around the world, and also some of the contrasting thoughts regarding the meaning of nation and freedom.

Environment: Updates from African Bloggers

  18 July 2008

In this edition of Global Voices environment we check in with the African environment bloggers, who have fascinating pictures to share, discussions on solar technology, concerns about forest re-allocation and updates on past stories.

Vietnam: Street vendors

  13 July 2008

Street vendors were banned from Hanoi's thoroughfares. But noodlepie observes the order had little impact as shown by some of the images in flickr.

Summer Early in Kuwait

With the mercury increasing as the summer sets in in Kuwait, bloggers are busy looking for distractions this summer vacation. Among them is Zdistrict, who goes on a trip to Kubbar Island. He writes: This was a bit of a hot weekend and going to Kubbar didn’t seem like a...

Iran:Pictures do not Lie!

Kamnagir, an Iranian blogger, points out that a photograph published of the recent missile tests in Iran is from the same test that was photographed 2 years ago. Read more in View From Iran and New Yrok Times blog.

China: Great Wall of China now wheelchair-accessible

  9 July 2008

Good news for wheelchair-bound sports fans, as written on Joseph Taggart's Blogspot blog: “In preparation for the Special Olympics in Beijing, an elevator was recently installed to make the top of the wall accessible to people in wheelchairs. I was excited to try it out.” Terrific photos, too.

China: AI's Human Rights Beijing 2008 campaign

  5 July 2008

Red.CBGB at Bullog.cn has posted several of the images from Amnesty International's Beijing Olympics human rights campaign in a photo post, ‘Olympic project’. ‘It feels like a little too much,’ writes one reader. ‘This is no exaggeration at all,’ writes another, ‘but the truth is always hard for anyone to...