· January, 2008

Stories about Photography from January, 2008

Armenia: Tattoos

  29 January 2008

The Armenian Patchwork posts photographs documenting a tattoo artist in Yerevan, the Armenian capital. Although the country can be quite conservative, interest in tattoos has grown over the years and the blog says that both artist and client takes the matter seriously.

Hong Kong: Artists’ Nude Photos

  29 January 2008

Some nude photos of two local artists were put on net via overseas website, now the Hong Kong police is investigating the uploading sources – more from ESWN.

Bangladesh: Cinema, politics, health, photography and history

  28 January 2008

Cinema: The Bangladeshi film industry nicknamed Dhallywood used to produce decent films for the Bangladeshi society. But with the competition of superior quality pictures from Hollywood and Bollywood, which conquered Bangladesh market and the people with the help of cheap bootleg VCD/DVDs, Dhallywood was in trouble in the last decade....

Armenia: On The Campaign Trail

  27 January 2008

My Armenia Election Monitor 2008 has accounts and photographs of meetings with voters now that the official pre-election campaign period in Armenia is finally underway. In the first three, rallies by former president Levon Ter Petrosian and prime minister Serge Sargsyan are covered while there is also a brief look...

Nepal: Smile!

  25 January 2008

Nepal Smiles aspires to get together three hundred photographs of smiling Nepali children by the end of 2008. :)

Ghana: African Cup of Nations photos

  24 January 2008

David Ajao posts photos from the Africa Cup of Nations 2008: “You can click on the photos on this page to link to the rest of the photos or click on the link below to go to my Ghana 2008 Photo Gallery.”

China: Little Match Girl

  23 January 2008

Andersen's story of “Little Match Girl” has a real-life Chinese version in Guiyang (zh). The 8 years old girl's family make their living by collecting rubbish. On 20 of Jan, the weather was -3 to -1 degree celsius and she tried to warm her hands by lighting matches. The photos...

Armenia: Presidential Election Monitor

  20 January 2008

My Armenia Election Monitor 2008 blog is now fully up and running and in cooperation with GV Author The Armenian Observer, it is anticipated that a weekly round up of discussion and debate in the Armenian, Russian and English language blogospheres will be made available through Global Voices Online. The...

Iran:Ashura in Photos

  19 January 2008

Shia Muslims held ceremonies for Ashura,one of the holiest events in the Shia religious calendar. Vahid Gharai has published several photos of Ashura ceremony in Kerman, a city in central south of Iran.