· December, 2006

Stories about Photography from December, 2006

Russia: Moscow Half a Century Ago

  27 December 2006

LJ user fool_4_lifetime found a rare photo album in a Moscow dump – Im Flug nach Moskau, by Erich Einhorn, ARTIA, 1959 – and scanned and posted 60 spreads of Moscow photos from it in the moya_moskva (My Moscow) LJ community. (Warning: bandwidth intensive!) Here is one of the photos:...

India: A monastery in Zanskar

  18 December 2006

It isn't has wonderful photographs from Zanskar of a monastery called Phuktal. “The monastery, which belongs to the Yellow Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, has a history which dates back to 15th century. It is carved out of the lime stone mountain wall, with a walled frontage.”

Global Voices Delhi Summit Slideshow

16 December 2006

Day 1 of the Global Voices Delhi Summit is well underway and the photos are starting to emerge on Flickr. Here is a slideshow. People are contributing their photos of the meeting (and a few from their travels before the meeting) by uploading their pictures to Flickr and tagging them...

China: I have no legs

  10 December 2006

A lump of coal would actually come in handy for the cold souls in Petitioner Village this winter, judging from the stories told in The China Next Door, a photo montage posted at Beijing-based journalist Huang Zhangjin's Bokee blog, since deleted, but safe at his Bullog.cn space. 当你翻到本页时,相信你的眼光一定会在这里长久停留。这里的人你一定见过,当你急匆匆走过地下铁的通道,当你到某个政府办公楼去办事,也许某个角落就有他们的身影,他们在你不经意的余光里,在你匆匆的惊诧里。 他们是长久哀怨、悲愤的一群人,他们因某一意外而改变了人生轨迹,奔波于故乡和大都市,顽强地追逐一个说法、一个公正的梦想。他们是固执而又乐观的人群,他们日复一日地失望,年复一年地坚持,始终坚守着我们民族几千年来对”青天”和”人间自有公道”的一线信仰。 As...

India: Marathon in Pune

  8 December 2006

Some wonderful photographs by the shad king of a marathon in Pune. “There were an estimated 35,000 participants in this year’s marathon. Of course, the term “marathon” is used very loosely to cover the 4.5k AIDS charity run, the 10k event, 3k for the little kids etc etc.”

China: Beijing bloggers drop the ball?

  7 December 2006

There's been a lot of response to police in the southern city of Shenzhen‘s decision late last month to put two hundred men and women arrested in connection with prostitution on display in the middle of a major intersection for public humiliation. For most bloggers, the questions an act like...

Russia: Stunt Protests and the Law

  6 December 2006

On Nov. 17, the Russian Duma approved a bill that abolished minimum voter turnout (20 percent) for all elections in Russia. Today, president Vladimir Putin has signed it into law. On Nov. 23, two young political activists – Ilya Yashin and Maria Gaidar – protested the imminent change by spending...

Iran:A history behind a Pulitzer winner Photo

  5 December 2006

Kamangir writes about Iranian photographer Jahangir Razmi who took 70 pictures of an execution in Kurdistan on Aug. 27, 1979. One picture won the Pulitzer Prize.The blogger adds It was, however, awarded to an unnamed photographer – the only anonymous recipient in the 90-year history of the award.On his blog...

Kyrgyzstan: Bazaar

  5 December 2006

Tolkun Umaraliev writes about the charms of Central Asian bazaars, saying that anyone visiting the region should make visiting a bazaar their first destination.

Lebanon: The Babes of Hizbullah

  4 December 2006

Are Hizbullah babes as photogenic as Hariri's? A debate has broken out about whether the most recent crop of demonstrators are as telegenic as those of the March 14 crowd. Joshua Landis has some photos and links highlighting the Babes of Hizbullah.

China: A silent protest

  3 December 2006

Problems seem to keep coming for residents of Huacao township in the outskirts of Shanghai's Minxing district. Reports in mainland media from over two years ago [zh] show that after years of anticipation, villagers had still yet to be compensated for the sale of their land, despite the local government...