· October, 2006

Stories about Photography from October, 2006

New Caledonia: At the Beach

  31 October 2006

Two Caledonia-based bloggers have been to the ocean this week and brought back breathtaking pictures too. Sebastien Merion has just (Fr)come back from a week-long sailing excursion that involved sun, rain, a stopover at the Goa isles but thankfully no brush-up with Hurricane Xavier. Meanwhile Katuali (Fr) went to the...

Russia: LJ and Politics

  28 October 2006

On October 25, International Herald Tribune published Evgeny Morozov's opinion piece on the recent developments in the Russian blogosphere. On his blog – Sharp & Sound: Perspectives On Modern Politics – Morozov wrote: […] I’ve been surprised how little coverage the story has received in the Western media…Hm, virtually none…...

Argentina: NGO Photo Blog

  27 October 2006

El Agora, an NGO based in Córdoba, Argentina has organized a friendly photo competition that hopes to highlight the best practices of fellow NGO's, Social Movements, and the private and public sector throughout Argentina. The winning group will be awarded a video production demonstrating the organization's good work.

Mexico: Monterrey Yesterday and Today

  26 October 2006

After discovering several old black and white photographs of Monterrey, Mexico, Hipocratico of RegioBlogs took to the streets with his camera and photographed those same locations. Here are the side-by-side comparisons. Several Regio Bloggers also made their way into the El Norte newspaper [ES] for their participation in “Blog to...

D.R of Congo: election photos

  26 October 2006

“In honor of the next-to-last stage in DR Congo's efforts to elect a new president (Inauguration of the president-elect is scheduled for early December), I bring you three photos from my time tooling around Kinshasa in my friend's car,” writes Congo Girl.

South Afria: lesbian photo-activist

  21 October 2006

Sokari, who is visiting South Africa, writes about Zanele Muholi, a South African lesbian photo-activist: “Met Zanele Muholi, a lesbian photographer-activist. Progressive, radical, beautiful, challenging. Zanele took the photos behind “Tommy boys, lesbian men and ancestral wives” and is also the Community Relations Officer at FEW (Forum for the Empowerment...

Cuba: Havana in photos and video

  20 October 2006

Flickr user silvertopixel has a series of lovely art photos of street life in Havana. And Lisetcruz posts a YouTube video with views of Havana's famous Malecón and a matching photo of her own.

Poland's Pulse in the Blogosphere

  16 October 2006

Local Dancers in Poland's Lake District (Mazury) prepare for Sieja (kind of fish) Fish Festival – by Embe, WarsawDaily Perhaps a Christmas footballing miracle has come early, as Kinuk reports on Poland's victory over the 4th-ranked Portugal last week: Their victory surprised myself, N and my brother, P, who was...

China: Let your photos do the talking

  14 October 2006

While dealing with blocked pages and filter-trigger keywords can get pretty annoying on the wrong side of the internet, for bloggers in China who want some discussion on, say, the highest-level corruption crackdown in ten years, there are always ways to beat the system. This time it just happens that...

India: Rangdum, Padum

  12 October 2006

Breathtaking photographs and commentary by Sajith after a trip to Rangdum and Padum. “A hundred pictures not taken. Like those animals scuttling away from the bus. Like the mostly arind and sometimes icy and sometimes green landscapes. Mountains. Like Tenzin the lama I met when wandering around Padum. Like the...

Iran: Photos and Women

  11 October 2006

Zannevesht has published a link to National Geographic prize winner's, Newsha Tavakolian, photos. Newsha Tavakolian has been selected as a 2006 All Roads Photography Program award-winner for her photo essay entitled Iran: Women in the Axis of Evil.

India: Ramadan in Mumbai

  11 October 2006

Photos on flickr by tomato umlaut caputing Mumbai at night during Ramadan. Wonderful photographs from the street, as food gets cooked for the faithful.