· August, 2006

Stories about Photography from August, 2006


The most horrible of things has just happened to me….my RSS feed for the Kurdish blogs, well for lack of a better term..hiccupped…and all of my feeds are gone. So in dealing with this crisis, today's post probably will leave a few people out. Thankfully all of my work is...

Czech Republic: Socialist Grocery Store

  21 August 2006

My Czech Republic Blog writes about a “socialist grocery store” project run by a Czech newspaper: “For at least a year, readers have been sending in photos of the products that all of us who grew up in pre-1989 Czechoslovakia know and remember with that inexplicable fondness and nostalgia.”

South Korea: protest photos

  20 August 2006

Darin in Occidentalism posts several protest photos from South Korea, probably in response to Koizumi’s most recent Yasukuni visit.

Cuba: Sweet 15

  18 August 2006

Robin Thom had the good fortune to be on the right balcony at the right time in order to capture this lovely scene on the Paseo de Prado in Havana, Cuba. “I had always assumed this was a wedding,” writes Robin on his Flickr page, “but it was pointed out...

China: SARFT and farts, castrations feigned and intended: let the spoofing begin!

  17 August 2006

In a recent edition of MindMeters columnist Fang Jun's Marriagement column entitled Love in the Internet Age [zh] is a spoiler of the recently-released Hollywood movie Hard Candy: 危险的水果硬糖 Dangerous Fruit Hard Candy 《Hard Candy》是我看的第一部与网络密切相关的电影。中文翻译为《水果硬糖》,其实“Hard candy”是网络俚语,指未成年少女。 Hard Candy is the first movie I've seen that deals with internet intimacy. It's...

Cuba: El Capitolio

  14 August 2006

Daniel Mauermann has a Flickr photoset of Cuba's capitol building in Havana, which is modeled after the one in Washington D.C.

Cuba: The pierced guy

  12 August 2006

Daniel Mauermann‘s “Cuba People” photoset on Flickr includes many striking images, but none more striking than this. As Daniel explains in an e-mail: The pierced guy is a poor handicapped who once decided to make good money putting as much needles in his head as possible. Every day he is...

Cuba: Portraits of a people

  10 August 2006

Daniel Mauermann has a wonderful Flickr photoset comprising images of Cubans from all walks of life, including one extensively pierced individual smoking a cigar.

Armenia: Photo Manipulation

  8 August 2006

Onnik Krikorian uses the dismissal of a Reuters freelance photographer in Lebanon for manipulating photos as a springboard to discuss photojournalists’ ethics and photo manipulation in Armenian media.

Ukraine: Victor Yushchenko the Anti-Hero (Or Not)

  5 August 2006

Victor Yanukovych is Ukraine's new prime minister, and it looks like the president, Victor Yushchenko, is the nation's new “anti-hero.” At least, this is what LJ user didaio concludes (UKR) after reading through the recent posts of his fellow-bloggers: Before August 2, the only problem with my friend list was...

Bangladesh: heritage

  4 August 2006

Ihtisham Kabir writes in Back to Bangladesh about the dilapidated states of two of the Dhaka's oldest buildings. 'Bara Katra' and 'Chhoto Katra' are the monuments of the seventeenth century Mughal period.