· July, 2006

Stories about Photography from July, 2006

DRC: Poster Snatching Protests

  26 July 2006

Le Renouveau Congolais posts a (Fr) photo-essay showing protesters tearing down presidential candidate posters in the DRC days to the July 30th election. From Azarias Ruberwa to Interim President Joseph Kabila to Professor N'Goma, the photos show a broad cross-section of political candidates are being targeted while slogans seem to...

China: Cameras, drunks and forced website closures

  26 July 2006

Kimbo Hu/Hu Defu, a well-known Taiwanese aboriginal folk musician gave a performance at a small bar in Beijing this past weekeknd. In attendance were many prominent bloggers, and here is Ycul blogger Reading Storeroom‘s account of the show, along with the problems he sees as more and more Chinese purchase...

South Korea: remodel broken house

  25 July 2006

Days in Daechuri shows a series of pictures on how young people are remodelling the broken house in Daechuri: “Korean government said they are planning to drive all of the daechuri people out and tear down their houses soon. Keeping the houses from being destroyed is the most important struggle...

India: Puri, Orissa

  25 July 2006

Trivial Matters has breathtaking photographs from Orissa. “Puri was once the weekend resort of maharajahs and wealthy Bengalis from Calcutta. When the British came to the coast to bathe away some of the dust, they built or rented large beach villas; many retained them after independence some well into the...

Bloggers on Virtual India

  21 July 2006

Virtual India is a different place, when compared to the real India. Bloggers cut through geographnical and physical barriers and come together and this week's blog ban highlighted this virtual India, and how different it is....

Indonesia: Merapi Fan

  20 July 2006

Asri talks about her love for Mount Merapi. Merapi located in Central Java, Indonesia is one of the most active volcano on the planet. The bloggers shares night time pictures of the volcano.

Cuba: How many Cubans does it take to…?

  20 July 2006

Pac MacLaurin posts a photo of three Cuban store clerks and comments on the country's labour inefficiencies: “A friend of mine once told me that when he was working in Havana as a press photographer there were two people in the elevator of his hotel at all times. One person...

Armenia: Racist Fliers

Nessuna reports on the appearance of racist fliers appearing in Yerevan urging people to “clean their city.” Onnik Krikorian adds that this is ironic considering the number of South Caucasus natives who have died at the hands of white supremacists in Russia.

Rwanda: Gorillas Without Mist

  18 July 2006

Guillaume, an ex-pat working in Rwanda, went on a road trip (Fr) to Gisenyi where he visited and took these snapshots of luxury hotel the Kivu Sun and then to Ruhengeri where he took these pictures of the gorillas for which the area is known.

Mongolia: Naadam Preparations

Tom Terry has photos of Naadam preparations in Mongolia. Naadam is centuries old festival during which participants compete in the “three manly games” — archery, wrestling, and horse racing — in cities throughout Mongolia.

Russia: Flickr Payment Trouble

Flickr user Anaderi – who lives and works in Moscow – reports a problem many people in certain countries (e.g. Russia, Ukraine) face when they attempt to upgrade their Flickr accounts to Pro status: their payments are not accepted. Anaderi is beginning to have doubts about Flickr: “I'm a bit...