· April, 2006

Stories about Photography from April, 2006

DRC: T.I. Petition & Elections Debate

  30 April 2006

“Master of the Universe,” a threat to Kabila? By Etienne Ngandu Today UDPS Liege echoes an AFP article announcing the presidential election will take place July 30. The election was postponed for a year last June and the July 30 date is later than the June 30 deadline mandated by...

Man and anthill (Guyana)

  29 April 2006

Admiring an anthill in the north Rupununi, Guyana, with the Kanuku Mountains hidden by clouds in the distance. Photo by Nicholas Laughlin.

Martinique: Do Not Piss Here

  29 April 2006

Bien Vu finds a “Do not piss here” bilingual french/creole sign near the Tourism Bureau in downtown Fort-de-France and concludes “In Martinique, we spell things out.”

Taiwan: Punks still DIYing

  27 April 2006

Sack Be Jim at gotmahmojo finds DIY punk ethic, graffiti and a seldom-seen side of Taiwanese society while visiting a collective of artists squatting in an abandoned building in the island's capitol: “I was really excited to see something positive and creative going on in the city, since its been...

The rice terrace land

  26 April 2006

Yellominded has some pictures from travels in the mountains of Luzon. This region is famed for the 2000 year old rice terraces dug out of mountain slopes.

China: Photoblogs—translation not needed

  26 April 2006

In the write-at-your-own-risk world of blogging in China, there are no fine lines between what's acceptable, what will get you blocked and what will get you thrown in jail. Lists of words and topics appear from time to time, but nothing official has ever been released. It's tragic. What for...

Image from DRC: Kobolo Humor

  26 April 2006

A Kobolo is a public transportation vehicle in the DRC. It is also the Congolese word for trunk. Photo courtesy Le Renouveau Congolais. In a humorous photo essay, Le Renouveau Congolais lists (FR) all the different positions that make Kinshasa public transportation bearable.

China: Today's Canton captured

  24 April 2006

Frances at Supernaut continues with the visual and textual representating of Guangzhou, one of China's largest cities, with posts on an upcoming DJ delight, the city's third modern dance festival, a photo tour through the largely undeveloped old city and the sci-fi endlessness of the south side of the Pearl...

China: Photoblogs allow exchange

  24 April 2006

Photoblogs can not only get around keyword filters but language barriers too. Beijing-based Ziboy has invited his photoblogging peers to send in contributions to his exhibition to be held in China's capitol this coming Saturday, which will “[use] the form of photoblogs on the internet to promote exchange and understanding...

Haiti: Sixth Anniversary of Jean Dominique's Assassination

  22 April 2006

To commemorate the 6th anniversary of slain Haitian journalist Jean Dominique's death, blogger AyitiCherieConnexion talks (FR) about his life, his death and Jonathan Demme's The Agronomist. The blogger also treats us to a slideshow of the human rights activist in action.

China: Hu's heckling approved?

  21 April 2006

Was Chinese president Hu Jintao set up for face loss in his visit to the United States this week? The EastSouthWestNorth blogger posts photos and translates an analysis which recounts Hu's stop at the White House yesterday and suggests why that might be so: “During the speech, there was a...

China: Hu dines with Gates

  19 April 2006

In ‘A soft leader treats a hard leader to dinner,’ blogger Wu Zuolai posts some photos of Chinese president Hu Jintao's dinner party at Bill Gates’ house yesterday. “How can we soften something hard?” retorts one reader in the comment box. [zh]

Another Belarus

  14 April 2006

A typical Vileika backyard – by Yevgenia Mantsevich (LJ user litota_) LJ user litota_, currently of Minsk, paid a visit to her native Vileika last weekend and posted photos from a three-hour walk she took while there (BEL). Somebody's colorful rugs hung out to dry in one of the backyards...


  6 April 2006

A pedicab is a bicycle with a sidecar. It is a popular public transport in many Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines and Indonesia. Sarapan Ekonomi has a photo.

Hong Kong: Mainland development

  4 April 2006

Simon World blogger HK Dave sees some meaning in a photo which, although admittedly doctored, came away with the top prize in this year's China International Press Photo Contest.

China: Corporate art

  3 April 2006

Supernaut hopes to be back in time for Guangzhou-based artist Cao Fei's “What are they doing here” show—sponsored by the Siemens arts program—in which the corporation's employees’ hopes, dreams, anxieties and expectations are visualized through light installations, a studio performance and a video. “In this work,” says the press release,...

Haiti: La Suisse

  3 April 2006

Baturrico (es) posts some lovely photos the La Suisse region of Haiti, “one of the places with the most character in all of Haiti's northern department”.