· March, 2006

Stories about Photography from March, 2006

Cuba: Inner tube

  28 March 2006

Pac Mclaurin posts a lovely photo of a Cuban fisherman, his girlfriend, and the “pneumático” or inner tube which is his fishing vessel.

DRC: Kabila's Rwandan Ties Questioned

  26 March 2006

Renouveau Congolais posts (FR) a picture in which DRC transitional president and presidential candidate Joseph Kabila allegedly stands to the right of Rwandan General Paul Kagame during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Kabila was allegedly General Kagame's bodyguard during the genocide. Blogger Dr. Francois Thsipamba Mpuila and several readers debate whether...

Haiti: You Know You're Haitian When…

  26 March 2006

AyitiCheriConnexion posts (FR) an english language 35-point list of things that make one Haitian sent to her by a Haitian born outside of Haiti. AyitiCheri tacks on seven slides of staples of Haitian culture including the inevitable djondjon and griot.

Nigeria's census – nearly over but could do better

  24 March 2006

There are great pictures of Nigerian census-takers on Edward Popoola's Jangbalajugbu-Homeland Stories but he feels the operation, while necessary, could be better organised. “We do not use the social security number system in Nigeria and I am not sure our births and deaths are perfectly monitored and well documented. It...

Images from Venezuela: From Bolívar Avenue

  21 March 2006

“Desde la Av. Bolívar” by Guillermo Amador Bograd The main bridge of the Caracas La Guaïra highway wasn't the only thing to fall down on Sunday. More than 1,500 Venezuelans dropped their drawers for American photographer Spencer Tunick who has been capturing large groups of naked volunteers in major cities...

Baobab Tree

  16 March 2006

The multifaceted Baobab is the “tree of life“. * the fruits are rich in vitamin C and are used to prepare beverages, * the leaves are used fresh or dried as vegetables and as forage, * the seeds are used to extract oil, * all parts of the tree have...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Children are Not Immune

Happy Women's Day to every Palestinian woman who has lost a father, brother, son or a husband. To all Palestinian women who are still languishing inside the Israeli prisons waiting for justice. Palestinian women commemorate women's day to highlight their struggle and show perseverance in fighting the Israeli occupation on...

Armenia: Kosh Prison

  10 March 2006

Onnik Krikorian has photos from Armenia's Kosh Prison in the Aragatsotn Region. Last week, he reported that he was pleasantly surprised by the conditions at the prison.

Malaysia: Covering the Fuel Protests

  10 March 2006

Worried that the local traditional media will ignore the action, bloggers in Malaysia are covering protests against a recent hike in fuel prices. Jeff Ooi at Screenshots is compiling some places on the Net where you can find more grassroots journalism.

China: Kitten mea culpa

  10 March 2006

“After this affair, I have undertaken a deep self-reflection, how I debased myself for a little flyspeck of profit,” wrote Web movie producer Li Yuejun in a Chinese newspaper regarding videos and photos of a woman crushing a kitten and other small animals. “I have hurt far too many people,...

Big River International Artists’ Workshop

  10 March 2006

Photos by caribbeanfreephoto Artist Ingrid Mwangi (Kenya/Germany) undresses in the waters of the Aripo river, as part of a performance piece she was having videotaped during the third Big River International Artists’ Workshop. The workshop is currently taking place in Aripo, Trinidad. Workshop participants have been commissioned to create works...

Trinidad & Tobago: Moko jumbie book

  10 March 2006

Photographer Stefan Falke posts photos of of the members of the Keylemanjahro School of Arts & Culture in Cocorite, Trinidad, holding copies of MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad, the book in which Falke chronicles the school's activities in images. Moko jumbie is the term used in Trinidad for...

DRC: Shots of Mbuji-Mayi

  8 March 2006

At Renouveau Congolais, DRC blogger etngandu posts (FR) pictures of public sites in remote Mbuji-Mayi, the capital of East Kasai province: the Cathedral of Bongola, recently built electric poles and the future administrative headquarters of East Kasai province.

Singapore: Photo Play

  6 March 2006

Arnold Ho in Singapore has been making photos of ordinary urban scenes look like miniatures. Check out his work on his blog.

Vietnam: Eyeing the Expected

  6 March 2006

Virtual Doug has a mea culpa: he admits that the pictures he posts of Việt Nam are cliched; what non-Vietnamese expect to see. “This country is changing rapidly. Very rapidly. This is the second fastest growing economy in the world. It is not a “backwards” country. It is a developing...