· February, 2006

Stories about Photography from February, 2006

Singapore, Thailand: Photoblogging Protests

  27 February 2006

Singapore-based themediaslut is photoblogging protests in Thailand against business mogul and PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who last week dissolved parliament and called snap elections as a response to the public outcry over the tax-free millions earned from the sale of a controlling stake in his Shin Corp. to Singapore's Temasek Holdings.

Guyana: Mashramani

  25 February 2006

VSO/CIDA intern Michiyo experiences Mashramani, Guyana's Carnival, and posts a few photos with short captions (also rendered in Japanese). A sampling: “Everyone is full of glitters. By the time I finished watching the parade, I myself was covered with it.”

The web make to blog on Carnival day…

  24 February 2006

… to paraphrase the late Lord Kitchener, calypsonian extraordinaire. It's Carnival Friday here in Trinidad and Tobago, which means that after weeks of mounting anticipation (the Carnival season really gets started as soon as Christmastime festivities are over), the biggest event in the country's calendar is underway. This weekend will...

Estonia: 1905 Revolution Photo Exhibit

  21 February 2006

Was 1905 in Estonia a prelude to 1917 or the year Estonia's independence movement was born? Bonjour l'Estonie links to a review of a photo exhibit capable of shedding light on this neglected and potentially divisive historical period: “Manors are Burning!: The 1905 Revolution in Estonia.”

Cuba: Century's end

  21 February 2006

Que Bola? posts a photo of an abandoned department store in Trinidad, Cuba called “Fin de Siglo” (the end of the century) and notes: “The 1900s were in fact a final century for a way of life in Cuba. Things have changed for the better and the worse, but they...

Russia: Sandunov Bath House in Moscow

  17 February 2006

Two-Zero writes of how he became a fan of the Russian banya while living in New York City's East Village, and explains why he hasn't been to Moscow's famous Sanduny (Sandunovskiye Bani) yet, now that he lives in Moscow. His friend Michael Haertfelder, however, visited Sanduny and took some pictures.

Photo-Marathon: A Day in the Life of Children with Cancer

  16 February 2006

Yekaterina Chistyakova reports (RUS) that photo-marathon “Through My Eyes: A Day in the Life of Children with Cancer Around the World,” which took place Sunday, Feb. 12, at the Children’s Clinical Hospital in Moscow, was a success; winners will be announced Sunday, Feb. 19. Some of the photos can be...

Durbur: Zaria, Nigeria.

  16 February 2006

The Durbar festival takes place in Northern Nigeria and is a spectacular parade of horsemen. The men gather to pay homage to the Emir during celebrations of Sallah and on special occasions. During the Durbar the horsemen parade and charge wielding swords and guns in memory of ancient times when...

Escape into Albanian Countryside

  14 February 2006

Anna of annasblog shares pictures from a Saturday escape from the capital Tirana to Albanian countryside: sheep, brides, ancient ruins – and modern bunkers, some 700,000 of them scattered all over the country that's slightly smaller than the state of Maryland…

DRC: photos

  13 February 2006

Adventures of a Retired Armchair Traveller posts two photos of Kinshasa – one taken prior to independence in 1960 and one more recently.

Cuba: Telenovela review & photoblog

  13 February 2006

Zenia Regalado reviews (ES) the new Cuban telenovela (soap opera) “La otra cara de la luna”. And the Que Bola? photoblog, maintained by retired US doctor Pac MacLaurin, is devoted to photos of Cuba, usually accompanied by interesting commentary.