· July, 2010

Stories about Music from July, 2010

Chile: Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist Ana Tijoux

  10 July 2010

Roberto Carreño dedicates [es] a post to Chilean rapper and hip-hop artist Ana Tijoux, calling her “the Chilean artist of the year.” She recently finished touring the United States where she performed 12 concerts.

Jamaica: After Dudus

  9 July 2010

“The fight to re-establish a new don to replace the power vacuum left behind by Dudus will be strong and the police are hoping that social groups will come in to help re-build trust with police”: Jamaica Salt looks at the situation post-Dudus’ extradition, while YardFlex.com follows the police detention...

Cape Verde: Rap as Socio-Political Stage

  9 July 2010

Blogger Redy Wilson Lima talks about the rescue attempt of Cape Verde identity through art [pt]. For him, rap and the hip hop movement have been the country's socio-political stage since the 90s, giving voice to the oppressed (see the local rap video “Difficult Situation“, pt).

Mozambique: Rapper Takes a Stand on Homosexuality

  2 July 2010

In a post titled Gayism is sinful[pt], Mozambican rapper Azagaia takes a stand on homosexuality: he defends “equal rights and opportunities for all Men. (…) No matter which sexual orientation”. Though the subject is rarely discussed in the southern Africa region, there is a debate tonight about “Sexual Orientation and...

Armenia: Homophobia PR defensive

Following the recent controversy surround a music video clip which contained elements that many considered homophobic, Unzipped: Gay Armenia updates readers by saying the band, VO.X, is now on the defensive and has launched a damage-limitation PR exercise in response. The blog, however, remains unimpressed and says that “being a...