· December, 2008

Stories about Music from December, 2008

Saudi Girls Rock!

  9 December 2008

A group of Saudi young women are making their voices heard - in a manner unheard of in conservative Saudi Arabia. The Accolade is an all-girl rock band which is making waves across the blogosphere. Here are a few reactions from bloggers in the region.

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

  8 December 2008

MeetJohnSong brings to our attention a global collaborative musical project called Playing for Change: Peace through Music. The concept behind it is that music is a common uniting factor between different cultures, ethnicities and regions.The film and music will be available in 2009, and more information on the project can be found on the Playing for Change website.

Ethiopia: Teddy Afro gets a six-year sentence

  6 December 2008

Addis Journal reports that Teddy Afro was been given a six-year sentence on Monday, convicted on two charges of killing a homeless in hit-and-run accident and driving away without reporting the incident. His arrest last April two years after the original incident captured nationwide interest, was filled with drama and...

Cameroon: Interview with Muntu Valdo

  5 December 2008

Dulce Camer interviews Cameroonian musician Muntu Valdo, whose music can be described as a mix of bossa nova, afro-cuban, blues, soul and funk. The interview also contains a few videos of Muntu Valdo's music.

YouTube Auditions for First Virtual Symphony Orchestra

  5 December 2008

YouTube is orchestrating an exciting new collaborative project: inviting musicians worldwide to be auditioned online for the world's first virtual symphony orchestra. Amateurs as well as professionals, have until January 28, 2008 to download sheet music, and upload videos of their performances.

Azerbaijan: Seven Beauties

  2 December 2008

Sheki, Azerbaijan says that a recent performance of Seven Beauties by Qara Qarayev managed to convey the richness of the Soviet-era Azerbaijani composer's work. The blogger adds that attending the ballet was one of those “moments in life when a person feels proud of belonging to this or other country/nation.”