· January, 2008

Stories about Music from January, 2008

Belize: Palacio Passes On

  21 January 2008

Belizean and The CAC Review acknowledge the passing of iconic musician Andy Palacio, who died of stroke-related complications at the age of 47.

Peru: Wendy Sulca, Child Video Sensation

  18 January 2008

From Peru, 10 year old Wendy Sulca is quickly becoming an internet sensation. Her folkloric videos have viewers discussing children´s rights, what it means to be Peruvian and whether or not children should sing about certain topics.

A Muslim Britney Spears?

  16 January 2008

As if the media circus surrounding her wasn't enough, the latest news is that Britney Spears will be considering converting to Islam in order to marry her Pakistan-born paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. The Middle East and North African bloggers could hardly contain themselves, writes Jillian York.

Jordan: The Impact of Bloggers on Politics

  16 January 2008

Mohammad Azraq turns his attention this week to Jordan's bloggers who are discussing the impact of blogging on politics, a visit to a music conservatory in old Ramullah, Palestine, the significance of archeology and why Arabs should not give up on their mother tongue.

Lithuania: January 13, 1991

  14 January 2008

Lituanica remembers January 13, 1991 – and those who lost their lives on that day: “Some died from the shot wounds; the Soviet tanks crushed some. In total 14 peaceful civilian freedom defenders lost their lives, hundreds more wounded.” Viola in Vilnius attends an annual memorial concert dedicated to the...

Puerto Rico: Epiphany Day

  7 January 2008

The celebration of Epiphany Day causes Liza Sabater to have an epiphany of her own: “The blogosphere needs more of the cowbell that is Puerto Rico.”

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Music & Crime

  7 January 2008

“With 36 homicides recorded last year it seems as if the last thing we need is a performer glorifying the gangsta life”: Following news of a singer being banned from performing in St. Vincent, Abeni blogs about “the role of music as a stimulant on impressionable minds”.

Cape Verde: The future of politics

  4 January 2008

Djoyamado [pt] tries to guess the future of politics on Cape Verde, among them: “Our primary and secondary schools’ children and teenagers will not know or will have great difficulty in getting the Prime Minister's name”. See in the previous post his less pessimistic predictions for the music in the...

Barbados: Political Entertainment

  4 January 2008

Boyce Voice thinks that “the massive 20,000 people who came out to see the Democratic Labour Party’s Political Launch and Cultural Extravaganza” is “an excellent example that there can be a mix between entertainment and politics”, while the mere concept of it makes Cheese-on-bread! go hmmm…

Philippines: Bloggers look back to 2007

  2 January 2008

Bloggers in Philippines reflects on the past year and talk about the things they blogged about across a range of subjects from sports to politics, music, blogging and life in general.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: 2007 Events

  2 January 2008

“Political parties in the Caribbean took camapaigning to new heights with the use of the internet; one November afternoon, the earth shook for what seemed like an eternity”: Abeni welcomes the New Year by listing the events that stood out for her in 2007.