· October, 2007

Stories about Music from October, 2007

Pakistan: Showtime in India

  16 October 2007

Stand up comedy and music talent shows in India have had some Pakistani participants and they've met with great success. All Things Pakistan on the trend, with some interesting insights in the comments space.

Hong Kong: Feng Shui Masters Rap

  16 October 2007

Kevin Li posts two music videos of rap about feng shui and two feng shui masters, Mak Ling Ling and So Man Fung (zh). Feng shui is a discipline with guidelines and techniques of site planning, internal furniture arrangements and fortune-telling. Feng Shui masters used to dress in traditional costume...

Palestine: Jericho Event Cancelled

  15 October 2007

“The OneVoice Movement regrets that the Jericho Summit that was to be hosted by OneVoice Palestine on October 18th as part of its One Million Voices campaign is postponed due to security considerations,” announced the OneVoice Movement on its website.

Guyana: No to Buju Banton

  13 October 2007

Guyana's Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination condemns an upcoming performance by Jamaican dancehall performer Buju Banton.

Pakistan: Blog-o-detention

  11 October 2007

I must begin this post by extending my sincere apologies to the readers of GV for my disappearance of the GV radar for the past several months.. Unfortunately, for me I do not have valid excuse for this prolonged absence except to tell you the truth. I was abducted by...

Tanzania: A rare homecoming for Afro-Indians

  4 October 2007

Video Journalist writes about Indian musical group, Sidi Goma, whose ancestors left the island of Zanzibar eight hundred years ago: “On the rare home coming concert of the Indian musical group Sidi Goma on Zanzibar. They kept their music and dance, and performed on The Zanzibar International Film Festival.”