· August, 2007

Stories about Music from August, 2007

Bulgaria: “Something Cultural”

  10 August 2007

A wonderful story of an attempt to experience “something cultural” in the middle of “a mostly peasant summer” in Sofia – from Petya of Bighead: “Nothing can make a falafel taste better than a little bit of violin in the background.”

Kannada: Telling Stories is a Good Deed!

  8 August 2007

Some movie makers capture the imagination of serious movie watchers all over: Kurosawa, Ray and Bergman, for example. And when someone of that stature dies, you are bound to get great responses, poignant, nostalgic, and meditative. Abhay Simha, who is a professional director himself, a graduate from the FTII, writes...

YouTube launched in Japan

  8 August 2007

Andreas at Chosaq writes about the launch of YouTube in Japan and hostile reactions from Japanese television, music and film companies.

Bangladesh: Enemy property act and Floods

  7 August 2007

In this weeks tour inside the Bangladeshi blogosphere we will discuss an old black law enacted in time of war being put to use by land encroachers and creating human rights abuse on minorities. We will also look at the dark truth that haunts women in Bangladesh and many parts...

Hong Kong: Government Promotion of DRM

  7 August 2007

I Resource Center (IRC, a company owned by the Hong Kong Government) announced yesterday that the song, “Just Because of You”, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of reunification, can be downloaded with DRM protection. Plastichk laughed at the practice as the song was meant to be distributed as wide as...

Africa: African music meets China

  4 August 2007

African music meets China, via Museke: “A couple of years ago, a friend showed me a video of a Chinese man singing Makossa songs. Zhen Ping Liu, popularly known as Liu de Karmer to his fans was the first ever and lone Chinese Makossa singer. The name of the song...

Taiwan: From music to rice–the people and the earth

  1 August 2007

Due to the big music market and the hot music industry, Taiwanese love and are familiar with pop songs and different kinds of music. In Yun-Ru Shih's article, based on Miao-Ru Chien's research: 台灣流行音樂產業的崛起起始自七零年代的民歌運動,到了八零年代末、九零年代初迅速成長到五十億台幣,1996年破百億後,1997年更達到歷來最高的123億台幣,在全球唱片市場排名由第21位竄升至第13位,在亞洲排名第二(僅次於日本)。(簡妙如,2002) The pop music industry in Taiwan rose in the folk music movement in 1970s. At the...