· October, 2006

Stories about Music from October, 2006

Armenia: Divine Liturgy

  12 October 2006

Raffi Meneshian reviews Winds of Passion's Divine Liturgy at Life in the Armenian Diaspora, noting that the Armenian Church's Divine Liturgy is some of the finest spiritual music from Armenia.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

  12 October 2006

Meat vendor in Osh market, Kyrgyzstan Just returning from a shopping tour on Osh Market, we welcome you to the latest roundup of notable online conversations that took place during the last two weeks, brought to you bi-weekly by neweurasia. Armenia: France's new legislation to make the denial of the...

Indonesia: Rock Star with a Message

  11 October 2006

Indoneisa matters links to a Washington Post story on a Indonesian rock star. Ahmad Dhani, frontman of the group Dewa is trying to keep Indonesian youth away from the influence of radical Islam.

Sudan: MySpace rocks for Darfur

  10 October 2006

Ethnicloft is a bit pessimistic about initiatives such “Rock for Darfur” organized by Myspace:”As they party hard, shamelessly, a multitude of people are being raped, maimed and killed, helplessly, in Darfur. I wonder if that ever crossed their mind.”

Argentina: Music: Nicolás A. Alonso

  10 October 2006

Fernando Casale introduces readers to the “brief but intense album of experimental music composed and interpreted by Nicolás A. Alonso, guitarist and pianist of Turpentine. The album was released under a Creative Commons BY 2.5 AR license so you can remix and republish it without restrictions as long as Alonso...

Nigeria: Jay Z in Nigeria

  8 October 2006

Is Jay Z ripping off Nigerians? My Random Thoughts Daily writes, “Even when he played Wembley a couple of weeks ago the maximum ticket price was about £60. Why are Nigerians being ripped off in this way? I guess the CEO needs to get paid?”

Iran:My sweet little terrorist song

You can read lyrics and listen to English songs of 127 band from Iran. In my sweet little terrorist lyric, we read “legally I'm nobody , when I cross the border I'm somebody mean my international rights are in some poiticians thought,I'm just a dream as I turn to this...

Brazil: Tecno Brega

  6 October 2006

Alexandre at Critical World Blog looks at Brazilian Tecno Brega as a way to “build markets on top of social commons.”

South Korea, Taiwan and China: Scandal in Beijing

  6 October 2006

The concert, Scandal in Beijing, by Korean pop star Kangta and Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu at the National People's congress hall last month has irritated some conservative netizen. According to Robert Koehler in Marmot's Hole, the netizens were a bit upset at the government for allowing the artists to turn...

Namibia: anti-corruption song contest

  5 October 2006

Museke writes about Anti-Corruption Song Contest in Namibia, “This is a worthy effort to make use of music in educating the populace about an issue that is paramount in African societies today – corruption.”

Kenya: defending youth linguistic creativity

  5 October 2006

Defending the use of Sheng among the youth in Kenya, Greamhouze notes, “Through Sheng we accurately express our thoughts and ideas.The conception that the youth must speak in English or pure Swahili to get anywhere is colonial/political old guard inherent aptitude. Its true Kenyan youths do not read and if...

Japan: Napster

  3 October 2006

JP in Japundit reports that Napster has formed a joint venture with Tower Records Japan to launch an online song distribution site in Japan. Members will be allowed to listen to and download an unlimited number of songs for a flat rate of 1,980 yen per month.