· September, 2006

Stories about Music from September, 2006

Brazil: Resources of Pirates

  13 September 2006

Brazilian music lovers, pirates, and thieves will be delighted by Daniella Thompson's latest post, “Where everything old is considered gold. Or, the joys of piracy.”

Poland: The Week's News Selection

  8 September 2006

In the past week, the beatroot has covered these subjects: a Polish goalkeeper in “the wonderful world of Scottish sectarian football”; 26 years later, something's wrong with the Polish Solidarnosc; a missile defense competition between Polish and Czech governments that both “would rather lose”; Elton John meets Lech Walesa at...

Uzbekistan: On Trial for a Song

  7 September 2006

The Long and Winding Road reports on the latest developments in the trial of Dadahon Hasanov, a musician on trial for writing a song commemorating the massacre of civilians during the May 2005 protests in the eastern Uzbek city of Andijon.

Brazil: Musical Nostalgia in the Broadband Age

  4 September 2006

Daniela Thompson remembers us that “Brazilians are the most notorious music pirates in the world, and that the age of broadband makes it possible for almost everyone to indulge in musical nostalgia at no cost”. Check out the various links and detailed description about the audio files reservoirs hosting “from...