· July, 2006

Stories about Music from July, 2006

The Syrian Blogsphere, Away from Politics

This week, we'll keep dirty Middle East politics away for a change. And focus more social side of the Syrian blogsphere. To start off with artsy Soraya, talking about the Jazz Festival that was held in the old city of Damascus this month, with live bands performing in the newly...

Argentina: Music: Soda Stereo

  7 July 2006

“Someone has told me that solitude hides behind your eyes” is Kari's favorite line from the Soda Stereo song Tratame suavemente (treat me softly), which you can listen to yourself if you act quickly.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sarajevo-Born Sephardic Musician

Kirk Johnson of Americans For Bosnia writes about a Sarajevo-born Sephardic Jewish musician Flory Jagoda: “[…] (Jagoda has lived in the US–married to an American–since after World War II) who was born a Bosnian Jew, the descendent of Ladino-speaking Sephardic settlers from Iberia […]. She was a Bosnian by birth,...

Argentina: Music: Turista

  6 July 2006

Today I'm rocking out to the Argentine band Turista, whose new Creative Commons-licensed Dulce EP can be downloaded for free at Zona Indie.

Palestine: Arab-Asian Culture

One of the most interesting part of studying Arab culture are the numerous connections between so many other cultures. The interaction between the modally based traditions of the Arab World, Iran and South Asia has been quite rich. Laith have noticed that a lot of Arab pop music stars have...

Armenia: Contemporary Music

Onnik Krikorian writes about contemporary music in Armenia. He compares the situation as it was about seven years ago, and notes some slight improvement in the ability of artists to find success without connections and rich sponsors.

Sounds of Africa

  4 July 2006

As you read this the World Cup is in it's Semi Final stages with Italy knocking the host Germany out. So far it has been a wonderful festival of football with heroes created and reborn. Ghana made it to the last 16 and made all of us proud. Other African...

Independence Day: MLK mix

  4 July 2006

UK-based music blogger Soul on Ice posts a link to a mix of Martin Luther King's “I have a dream” speech against a background of tabla drums in honor of Independence Day, commenting: “African America wouldn't be celebrating anything if not for this great man.”

Singapore: National Day Message

  4 July 2006

mrbrown in Singapore is calling for Singaporeans to contribute to his “I am Singaporean” meme. The blogger says “If you like, you can record your own version of “I am Singaporean” and post it on your blog, and leave a link in the comments in there. You can also tag...

The Global Voices Show #3

  4 July 2006

The third episode of the Global Voices Show is here! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: PodView (Podbazaar) (India) Viloria.com Pinoy Podcast (Philippines) Tango City Tour (Argentina) Beyond the Wall (Israel) Trinidad & Tobago Computer Society Podcast (Trinidad & Tobago) Arté Radio (“Foot au Sénégal”) (Senegal)...