· February, 2006

Stories about Music from February, 2006

Costa Rica vibrates with the Central American Music Festival

  14 February 2006

Feet are fiddling and fingers are drumming as many Costa Ricans wait for the PapayaFest, Papaya Music's tribute to San José as the 2006 Latin American Culture Capital, to begin on February 16th. Papaya Music is a Central American effort to unite musicians, researchers and producers who wish to bring traditional and popular composers into greater visibility and younger generation's attention.

Band Cancels Polish Tour

  14 February 2006

The Beatroot writes that a Swedish “death metal” band has decided to cancel its Polish tour, fearing legal action. A precedent was set two years ago, when a Norwegian “black metal” band was charged with causing “religious offense” after a concert in Krakow.

African Music Roundup #3

  14 February 2006

It's been a fun few weeks with the festival of football that was the African Cup of Nations (congratulations to Egypt the host). Watching all the footballing talent on display made me proud to be an African. So we look forward to Ghana '08 and all the beautiful things the...

Argentina: Google Video Replacing MTV?

  13 February 2006

The Argentine indie band, Video de Mi Pequeña Muerte now has a blog where they have posted their newest music video, “Cuando el sol prometio volver,” which was recorded using a digital camera and then uploaded to Google Video says Fernando Casale (ES).

Puerto Rico: The Stones play PR, while blogging grows

  13 February 2006

GuerillaPop posts a report (ES) on the Rolling Stones concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, complete with video and photos. And several bloggers link to to an piece on blogging in a local publication, including Shery (ES), DigiZen (ES), Jonathan Hernandez (ES) and Eugenio Martínez (ES), who's quoted extensively...

Jamaica: Marijuana hypocrisy

  13 February 2006

Dancehall Blog links to a newspaper article reporting that legendary roots reggae artist Bunny Wailer was booed at an event recently for attempting to address the issue of “marijuana and the hypocrisy with which the plant is treated by the political leadership of the country.” The article concluded that “although...