· April, 2010

Stories about Music from April, 2010

Bahrain: Mideast Tunes Launched

Mideast Youth has launched a new project Mideast Tunes – which is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging musicians in the Middle East. “Our aim is to encourage, inspire and expose talented young artists across the region,” they write.

China: New Avatar theme song inspired by forced evictions

  28 April 2010

Avatar director James Cameron admits he found inspiration for the film in China, and Chinese viewers saw a common story from today's China being told in the film. Somewhere in between, mashup artists have now imagined a theme song for Avatar as one might have been sung in Chinese.

Video: Three Latin American Viral Sensations Unite for Israel

  28 April 2010

Through the Latin American social networks there is a new video spreading like wildfire: it unites three of the most recent viral video sensations in one. Peruvian La Tigresa del Oriente, Wendy Sulca and Ecuadorian Delfin Quishpe virtually united to sing "I'll dance in your lands", a song about Israel. None of them have visited Israel, but that didn't stop them from singing about the beauty of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Pakistan: Karachi Music Scene

  21 April 2010

“This is about a Karachi from a very different time. A Karachi that moved to a very different beat,” – comments Adil Najam at All Things Paksitan while discussing about the Karachi music scene from the 1960s into the 1970s.

Korean Pop

  20 April 2010

Ask a Korean! introduces the history and development of Korean Pop song.

Maldives: The Upcoming Akon Gig

  14 April 2010

Light After Dark reports that US R&B singer Akon will perform in the Maldives on the 23rd of April. The Maldivian Facebook Community has set up a group called “we support Akon live in maldives” (997 Member) and to counter it there is a group Called “we DONT support Akon...

Jamaica: Wet Fete?

  12 April 2010

The Water Party is a staple of Jamaica's Carnival season, but Stunner cannot, in all good conscience, support the event this year, “not with this drought, not with these constant water lock-offs that I have to face.”

Ghana: Ghana Music Awards 2010 winners

  11 April 2010

Ghana Music Awards 2010 winners: “Sarkodie, Wutah, and Becca won multiple honours at the 11th Ghana Music Awards, which were organized last night, April 10, at the Dome, Accra International Conference Centre on April 10, 2010.”

Music With A Message – New Music Videos from Tibet

  3 April 2010

The blog translation project High Peaks Pure Earth has recently focused on “music with a message” by translating the lyrics of Tibetan songs from music videos that have been uploaded onto the internet. On March 10 this year, the blog presented a hip hop video titled “New Generation” by the...