· August, 2007

Stories about Music from August, 2007

Madagascar : Andriamanankoavy Jonny r'afa on why he writes

  30 August 2007

Malagasy Author-Musician-Sculptor Andriamanankoavy Jonny r'afa explains his art : “D'abord, à travers l'Art, entretenir et enrichir la ” Mémoire Collective ” des Malgaches. Celà reste un devoir par respect des origines. Trouver alors ce qu'il faut préserver, et les transmettre, les traduire.” “Through art, one can maintain and enrich the...

Gambia: Gambian Hip Hop

  30 August 2007

The global reach of Hip Hop phenomenon: “This is Gambian hip-hop artist Dr Olugander, one of the opening acts of the 2nd International Sable Litfest in Bakau last month.”

Kuwait: Crazy Week for Bloggers

Kuwaiti bloggers had a crazy week, which started with an earthquake, or rather a small tremor, early on Saturday morning. The next day a blogger was arrested for a comment an anonymous reader left on his online forum. The week culminated with a fire at a local hospital and the resignation of Kuwait's first female minister.

Japan: Crazy for a Bug

  26 August 2007

A catchy tune about a funny-looking bug that bites people's bums and makes them happy, featured regularly as filler between children's programming on the national broadcaster NHK, is catching on like crazy across Japan. In this post, read more about the thinking behind the song, reactions from Japanese bloggers, and a post from one of the creators of the clip.

Bahamas: The Value of Culture

  21 August 2007

An international take on a Bahamian song leads Nicolette Bethel to muse about “the general dismissal of culture in general (and, by extension, of our culture in particular)”, stating; “most of us…are missing the point when it comes to cultural discussions.”

Azerbaijan: Soviet Funk

  21 August 2007

English Russia posts a vintage video of famous Soviet-era singer Muslim Magomaev. The clip, besides showcasing a great example of Soviet funk music, also features a lot of footage of Azerbaijan's capital Baku made during these times.

Barbados, Jamaica: One Love

  20 August 2007

Gallimaufry reports that “The Anglican Church in Jamaica is proposing the addition of songs by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to its hymnal.”

D.R. of Congo: Rest in Peace, Madilu “Multi Système”

  15 August 2007

Rest in peace the Grand Pharaoh, Madilu: “He was Bialu Madilu, also known as Multi Système, Grand Pharaoh, Grand Ninja, Sa Majesté and Grande Baleine. Born in Matadi, in the province of Bas Congo, he sang with Simaro and Tabu Ley Rochereau before joining TPOK Jazz. Sadly, he died on...

Angola: life-affirming dance in Angola

  13 August 2007

Kilandukilu is a dance group from Angola, which brings together the old and the new: “Kilandukilu was founded by a group of friends in the Maculusso municipality of Luanda twenty-one years ago, bridging traditional Angolan beats with break-dance, pop and even funk. “These are works basically about our history, they...

Bahrain: Top Tips for Secret Smokers!

Children are the future, right? Some bloggers in Bahrain are not too optimistic. We find others who are fed up of religious leaders, are enjoying watching people, and are smoking in secret. Two bloggers are moved by the sound of Arabic – one by the classical language, another by a local dialect. We start with a question regarding Muslims and the debate about globalisation.