· August, 2006

Stories about Music from August, 2006

India: The National Song

  29 August 2006

A recent controversy surrounding the move to make the singing of the National Song compulsary has had some minority groups protest. Indian Muslims on what the issue with singing the song – Vande Mataram is all about.

Africa: Music goes online

  28 August 2006

African Music Radio is a new online station that “that offers musicians ‘…the chance to promote their music and reach a broader market and audience more effectively’“. It was spotted by Timbuktu Chronicles.

Blogging the Week in Peru

  27 August 2006

Este artículo también está disponible es español. These past few days, apart from the appointments of new government employees, it has been President Garcia's dogged persistence in fulfilling some of his campaign promises that has been making noise in the political section of the media. Perú Político deals with the...

African Women This Month

  27 August 2006

Literature, music and blog redesigns are three of the themes in the African women's blogosphere this month. Molara Wood and Mama's Junkyard have both redesigned their blogs. Molara has chosen to stick with blogger.com but takes on a new name, Wordsbody. Mama's Junkyard ungrades to WordPress with a new colour...

Brazil: Music

  24 August 2006

Claudio Lobos introduces Brazilian musician Philippe Baden Powell and his newest album, “Estrada De Terra.” Daniella Thompson reviews Paulo Sérgio Santos’ gig at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, California.

Argentina: Music: Sonoman

  24 August 2006

Fernando Casale presents the new Argentine electro-pop band Sonoman with links to the songs “Cómo Engañarme” and “No Darme Cuenta.” (ES)

Peru: Music: Remix Culture

  16 August 2006

Oscar Montezuma introduces Novamlima, the new project of Miki Gonzales. According to Montezuma (ES) the new album is “another glimpse of Peru's remix culture.”

Myanmar: Celebrity Website

  16 August 2006

Man Actually posts a link to a site on Myanmar celebrities and talks about the latest singing sensation in Myanmar who pens her phone number along with her autograph. “I don't know, by now, she's changed her number or not yet…. But as far as I know she would be...

Panama: Songwriter Interview

  14 August 2006

Butter has an interesting short interview with the Panamanian songwriter Gonzalo Horna, where Horna explains a little history about the Butterfest and the next step in his carreer as a songwriter.

Brazil: Podcast safe music from Overmundo

  14 August 2006

Wireless.jor.br made a podcast from music published on the site Overmundo, ‘the new Brazilian cultural production powerhowse‘. What a good place to find podcast-safe (CC labeled) audio files from the rich and innovative Brazilian music scene! http://blog.estadao.com.br/blog/media/wireless003.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS