· March, 2006

Stories about Music from March, 2006

Argentina: Indie Online Radio

  30 March 2006

unaRadio is an online radio station based in Argentina which describes itself as “a free medium to distribute the work of independent artists in Spanish and other languages.” You can listen to it in any media player by clicking here.

Poland: Singer Turned Politician Tired of Politics

  30 March 2006

The beatroot writes about a 56-year-old Polish rock musician turned politician and the problems he's facing. “After making a lot of money over the years, he must have got bored – like ageing rock stars do – and thought that he would represent the very un-rock and roll Law and...

Chile: Beto Stocker

  29 March 2006

Fernando Casale links to two albums by Chilean musician Beto Stocker, both of which are licensed with Creative Commons licenses.

Dangdut music and dance in Singapore and all about Home

  29 March 2006

Singapore is a good place to explore cultures from all over South East Asia. The blogger at licencetospill took some of her friends to a Dangdut club. Dangdut is a form of music from Indonesia. The blogger explains the main difference between a DD song and any other indonesian song...

North Korea: Prison-camp musical

  28 March 2006

The Marmot Hole‘s Robert Koehler fingers North Korean apologists in the South Korean government with a look at the smash new musical Yodok Story, which portray's life in North Korea's Yodok camp for political prisoners.

Haiti: Music video

  28 March 2006

Filmmaker Frankenbilly posts a music video he created for a lovely reggae-flavoured song by the Haitian singer Belo.

African Music Roundup #5

  28 March 2006

yay! summer is upon us over here in the UK and that only means one thing. concerts, festivals, showcases. An abundance of music, sunshine and outdoor runnings. Smiles on peoples faces, the pace less hurried. In rotation as I type? Bongo Flava : Swahili rap from Tanzania, a dope compilation...

The Charango Controversy

  27 March 2006

This article was written by Miguel Esquirol and originally appeared in the Bolivian blog community site Blogs de Bolivia. The original Spanish version can be found here (ES). Lately, many charangos have been given as presents. Evo Morales presented one to Condoleeza Rice, the Chilean President gave one to Bono...

Haiti: Two young achievers

  27 March 2006

Ayiti Cheri Connexion profiles two young acheivers of Haitian descent, basketballer Samuel Dalembert and music producer Carl G. Gilbert.

Swahili hip-hop

  24 March 2006

Msanii XL has posted a hip-hop podcast which features artists from a range of countries, but if you want your hip-hop in Swahili don't forget to check his radio blog player in the sidebar.

China: Just a love song

  23 March 2006

Holidarity reads the cover story of the Chinese edition of Rolling Stone, only to be horrified by the glossing over of the political importance of rocker Cui Jian's music, especially the Eighties anthem Yi Wu Suo You.

Argentina, Spain: Holy

  22 March 2006

Fernando Casale features Holy, an experimental Argentinean musician living in Spain. As always, songs are available for download.

Venezuela: DJ DUBB

  22 March 2006

GlowMain features Venezuelan drum and bass DJ, Aureliano Alarcón Smith, also known as DUBB (ES). A download of a live set is available.

South Africa: Music

  21 March 2006

Rethabile writing on Mzansi Afrika discusses music and what it means for Africa and Africans. “Music, then, is serious matter in Africa. By extension, it is also serious matter to African-Americans, whose fore-parents brought it over as slaves, and maintained enough of it for future generations to “have it in...

Belarus: Plans to Invite U2 to Minsk Maidan

  21 March 2006

19. People's Blog on the Presidential Election reports (RUS) that Lyavon Volski, a Belarusian rock musician whose band NRM is often not allowed by the regime to play in Belarus, intends to invite U2 to sing at Minsk's Oktyabrskaya Sq. in support of democracy in Belarus.

Brazil: Bïa

  20 March 2006

Aquarelas was introduced to the polyglot Brazilian singer, Bïa by a nifty radio device on the weblog of Michele Aurelio.

China: A new word for innovation

  20 March 2006

Danwei picks up on an article in the English-language China Daily newspaper, which begins: “China has launched a national campaign to enhance its capability for innovation. But experts advise that does not mean China always has to be the original inventor.” Also, the paper is looking for editorial staff, notes...

Serbia & Montenegro: Eurovision Conflict

  17 March 2006

Ed at Balkan Baby writes that Serbia and Montenegro seriously disagree on who should represent their country at this year's Eurovision Song Contest: No Name, a Montenegrin boy-band, or a Serbian band called Flamingoes? “Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic said that this music competition had caused ‘much more excitement last...