· February, 2006

Stories about Music from February, 2006

Voices of African Women Bloggers

  26 February 2006

Mshairi calls for the abuse of women bloggers to stop! She recalls two recent incidents in the blogosphere where male bloggers “discussed and described women in misogynistic terms.” “The descriptions included ‘ignoramus’, ‘spiteful, angry menopausal bitch’, and ‘ruthless menopausal maniac’. All that remained was the blogger to call the woman...

The web make to blog on Carnival day…

  24 February 2006

… to paraphrase the late Lord Kitchener, calypsonian extraordinaire. It's Carnival Friday here in Trinidad and Tobago, which means that after weeks of mounting anticipation (the Carnival season really gets started as soon as Christmastime festivities are over), the biggest event in the country's calendar is underway. This weekend will...

Chile: French Indie Musicians Visit

  23 February 2006

For all you fans of floating canines and euro-techno, this is one post that can't be missed. The Chilean music blog, Super 45 – Blog System says that various French artists are headed towards Chile including Manu Chao and Pascal Arbez (better known as Vitalic). Included is a video of...

Benin: Angelique Kido

  21 February 2006

Jangbalajugbu-Homeland Stories writes about Benin artist, Angelique Kido – in particular her 1994 album, Aye which he says could have been released yesterday…….”I wikied her name and I learnt the 46 year old has been nominated for Grammy three times (1995, 1999 and 2003). She released her latest Album, Oyaya!...

Mexico: Bono Sings “Chiapas-Mexico- No More!!”

  21 February 2006

León Felipe Sánchez says that the crowd went wild at U2's concert in Mexico City's Aztec Stadium when Bono added the lyrics “Chiapas!!! Mexico!!! NO MORE!!!” – referring to Mexico's longstanding Southern conflict – to the legendary song, Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Jamaica: Police rap

  20 February 2006

Afflicted Yard links to an anti-crime rap song recorded by Jamaican Senior Superintendent of Police Renato Adams.

Guyana: Nu-soul and elderly love

  20 February 2006

Guyana Diaspora profiles nu-soul singer Nhojj, and Guyana-gyal muses on love and “‘bout old people, imagining how it must feel for some o’ them.”

Brazil: “The Calm Before Carnaval”

  20 February 2006

Sangroncito describes the preparation that has gone into Salvador's Carnaval and says that today feels like the “Calm Before Carnaval.” Mama Lisa posts an English translation of a Brazilian folk song about the Carnival called “Mama Paquita.” Made in Brazil has a picture of U2 fans camping out for tonight's...

DR: Mixtape

  17 February 2006

Dominican hip-hop group R-1 invites (ES) all visitors to their blog to download their latest mixtape, ““Pa Que Vayen Cogiendo”.

Brazil: Getting Rolling Stoned in Rio

  15 February 2006

Cuaderno Latinoamericano, a group blog maintained by students at Tulane University, says that the Rolling Stones will be playing a free concert this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. Free, that is, unless you take into account the $750,000 that the city is paying to make it happen.