· August, 2011

Stories about Migration & Immigration from August, 2011

Cuba: Female Protesters Arrested

  5 August 2011

Reports of female political activists being “violently arrested on the steps of the old Capitol building in Havana after their demonstration in favor of freedom for the Cuban people drew support from other Cubans and tourists”, here and here.

Cuba: In Favour of Travel

  3 August 2011

“Ninety percent of Cubans on both shores do not look kindly on the arbitrary policy of the Castro brothers, authorizing who can and cannot enter their country”, writes Iván García, adding: “Cuba belongs to all Cubans.”

U.S.V.I., Trinidad & Tobago: Best on Self-Knowledge

  1 August 2011

A Nation or Nobody refers to a speech by the late Trinidadian intellectual Lloyd Best, noting that his “most important message is…that locally-based forms of knowledge are what all people should be striving to develop. Just because the majority of the Caribbean’s people trace their lineage to somewhere else, doesn’t...

Puerto Rico: “The Point Is” to Cross Borders and Facilitate Dialogue

  1 August 2011

The online publication "El punto es…" [The pint is...] was created by a group of Puerto Ricans who were fed up with having limited access to information regarding what was happening in Puerto Rico. Since 2010, this group of talented individuals has worked on a voluntary basis to shape what has become a refreshing website, where the opinions of Puerto Ricans on the island, in the United States and in Spain can converge.

Portugal: Lusophone Communities “Have a Look” at the Center of Porto

  1 August 2011

The Portuguese cultural and artistic association 10pt has launched the initiative Olha Lá (Have a Look) [pt] aiming at “gathering an itinerant object through the Portuguese language space”.  The Lusophone communities in Porto are thus called to share and spread the perceptions of diaspora across the historic center of town...