· May, 2008

Stories about Migration & Immigration from May, 2008

Ukraine: A View From Crimea

Last week, Ukraine banned Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov from the country, after he called for Russia to take ownership of Sevastopol, a Ukrainian Black Sea naval port. The incident received much coverage in the Russian and Ukrainian media and blogs. Below is one more post, written by a Russophone resident of Balaklava, a Crimean town that has an official status of a district of the city of Sevastopol.

Guyana: Living Life

  22 May 2008

News of Guyana-Gyal‘s family and a few presents that they have sent her from abroad cause her to be “simply livin’ and appreciatin’.”

Armenia/Georgia: Online Diasporan Communities

Social Science in the Caucasus examines the Internet presence of Armenian and Georgian communities in Switzerland. The blog of the Caucasus Research Resource Centers says that examining the extent of activity in online communities is one way of tracking how organized migrant communities abroad are.

Slovenia: The Diaspora vs Croatia

Sleeping With Pengovsky writes about the Slovenian Diaspora: “You see, people of Slovenia and Croatia lived in peace throughout history. We may say bad things about each other, but in the end Slovenes like Croatian seaside and music and Croats like Slovene mountains and shops. And both hate each other’s...

Nepal: Violence and Immigrants

  21 May 2008

Kathmandu Speaks on the violence against “outsiders” in South Africa, and similar waves of protest against immigrants in other parts of the world.

Cuba: Warnings from Sanchez

  20 May 2008

Uncommon Sense links to a post that Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez has written, which suggests that she may soon be arrested, saying: “Please pray for this brave woman, and for her continued safety.”

Cuba: Dissidents & Independence

  20 May 2008

Child of the Revolution blogs about claims by Cuba's Ministry for Foreign Affairs that “the top US diplomat in Havana…is handing over money from Cuban exiles to some dissidents on the island”, while El Cafe Cubano adds: “Today is May 2oth, Cuba's date of Independence. Who would know from all...

Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica: Telling Stories

  20 May 2008

As Trinidadian-born filmmaker Frances-Ann Solomon's A Winter Tale opens in local theatres, Jamaican blogger Geoffrey Philp quotes a particularly poignant review: “A storyteller is a shape-shifter who uses every tool, every image, every sense to draw you in, capture your imagination.”

Videos: Creativity in facing the water crisis

  20 May 2008

With two very recent natural disasters in mind: the cyclone in Myanmar and the Earthquake in Sichuan, China, the topic of getting pure and drinkable water to needy populations has come back into the conversation. Following, several videos which propose different solutions to supply clean water or at least make it easier for people to have a healthful liquid to drink.

Ecuador: President Correa Criticized During European Visit

  20 May 2008

President Rafael Correa has not had an easy time during his European visit. At various events, he has been publicly criticized for his anti-Colombian rhetoric and for his inaction for helping the immigrant communities. At one meeting, he confronted an Ecuadoran immigrant who had been openly critical, and Correa said to him, "because of idiots like you, the entire Ecuadoran community looks bad." Even though some reports say that the man had been rude, the exchange did not go over too well with bloggers and the media.

Trinidad & Tobago: Failed State?

  19 May 2008

Jumbie's Watch links to an article in the Trinidad Guardian which makes reference to the twin island republic as one of 96 countries “in danger of becoming a failed state”, adding: “Much work is needed in 4 areas…security, health, education, and in the judicial system.”