· August, 2007

Stories about Migration & Immigration from August, 2007

South Asia: Slaving in the Middle East

  17 August 2007

South Asian migrant workers (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal) have a notable contribution in the developments of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. But the abuse and exploitation of these workers is shocking and serious issue. Migrant workers fuel the engine of the economy but they are exploited,...

Jamaica: Bridges to Memory

  16 August 2007

“The poems…are rooted in the crucible of the Caribbean/African American Diaspora”: Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot features Jamaican author Marva McClean as she discusses her new book of poetry.

Ukraine: Immoral Politicians

  15 August 2007

Taras Kuzio comments on the immorality of some Ukrainian politicians: “Anatoliy Kinakh, Oleksandr Lavrynovych, Ivan Bilas, Taras Chornovil, Moroz, Holovatiy and many others all have one thing in common: they are male and have bruised ego’s, injured male pride and immaturity.”

Jamaica: Rock and a Hard Place

  15 August 2007

Francis Wade examines the conundrum that many Jamaicans living abroad face: “They love their country, and miss it terribly. They are angry that they cannot return (for many good reasons.) They are unwilling to assimilate into the mainstream U.S. (which for most means becoming African Americans.) They are stuck.”

Russia: Ethnic Hate Crime Video

  14 August 2007

Sean's Russia Blog writes about a video of the execution of two ethnic non-Russians by masked figures claiming to be members of a Russian neo-Nazi group. The violent video has been one of the most discussed topics in the Russian blogosphere lately; it's authenticity has not been confirmed yet.

Jamaica: Rastafari

  8 August 2007

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp credits the influence of Rastafari and Reggae in his development as a writer and is interested to see “how the temporal and geographical isolation of Rastafari as a memeplex will manifest itself in the upcoming years.”

Jamaica: On Race

  6 August 2007

“To talk about race is to be seen as racist”: Antilles blog quotes Jamaican-born author Nalo Hopkinson.

Grenada: This Caribbean Writer

  1 August 2007

“I am Caribbean. And I’m an SF/F writer. I’m proud of both the genre I write in, and my identity.” Author Tobias Buckell blogs about being multi-racial and how his Caribbean roots have influenced his writing.