· November, 2006

Stories about Migration & Immigration from November, 2006

Bangladesh: Minorities and attitudes

  7 November 2006

Rezwan reflects on being a member of a minority and the attitudes towards minorities in South Asia. “Or is this how minorities think? Is it an inferiority complex? Why do majorities have to always keep in mind that minorities can be sensitive. Minorities can be tyrants also.”

Bangladesh blog buzz

  7 November 2006

Here are the latest buzz from blogs on Bangladesh: * Diaspora: Zubaer in Drishtipat blog gives an insight into the Bangladeshi Diaspora worldwide and how their remittances are contributing to Bangladesh's economy. Ulysses at Back to Bangladesh, an NRB himself had decided to return to Bangladesh despite many apprehensions and...

Bangladesh: Long hours in Tokyo

  6 November 2006

Even as people from South Asia send remittances back home, Drishtipat talks of the wave in the 80s when the promise of money had people from Bangladesh going abroad. “He told us how he’d gone to Shobuj and Maroof’s flat and found 7 men sleeping in 2 small rooms. He...

South Asia: Identity and geography

  2 November 2006

Sepia Mutiny on identity and the word term South Asian. “If “South Asian” exists mainly in the imagination of the diaspora, does that make it less meaningful?”

India: Desi and Londonstani

  1 November 2006

An Anthropologist Wannabe on being a desi and on Malkani's Londonstani. “Malkani explains, and I paraphrase, that minority (Indian) communities find it difficult to integrate quickly and effortlessly, so, they may do just the opposite, that is voluntarily isolate themselves from other communities, trying to build up their self-esteem and...